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2017-11-30: The History of michaels

November 09, 2017

Thursday November 30

The Michael family have been trading from the same location for more than 100 years. Five generations have seen the business evolve from a gunsmith into to a pharmacy and then photographic specialist.

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2017-11-23: Project — Indoor Light Painting

November 02, 2017

Thursday November 23

For the last seminar of 2017 we want to set you a challenge.

Light Painting is a fun way to create stunning unique images. But how is it done?

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2017-11-16: Nik Software — It’s Free and Amazing

October 20, 2017

Thursday November 16

Nik Software was released a few years ago to great acclaim.

Since the company was acquired by Google they have decided to no longer develop the software suite and have subsequently released the final version at no cost.

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2017-11-09: Project — A Day at Melbourne Zoo

October 20, 2017

Thursday November 9

As we close out our series of Lunchtime Seminars for 2017 we present a selection of photo challenges for you to explore as the weather improves for more enjoyable outdoor shooting.

The first of which is to go to one of Melbourne’s brilliant Zoos to spend a day taking photos.

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