Completed Seminar: Working with Digital Noise – What is ISO?

July 26, 2018


Recent technological advancements in digital photography mean that we can create photographs in very low light environments. This is due to advancements in camera sensors and onboard imaging processors that allow your camera to work in very low light.

Whilst working in low light, cameras can automatically boost their ISO levels and although this enables the photo to be taken, there will also be a degree of distortion called digital noise. This can be fixed easily using software, or in some cases, in the camera’s noise reduction system.

Join us in the media school to learn the techniques to creating stunning images in low light without the disadvantage of digital noise.

The seminar will cover

  • What is ISO and how does it affects our images
  • Setting your camera to auto and manual ISO control
  • Which software to use to fix digital noise

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