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Sony ECM-B1M High Performance Shotgun Mic

Sony EC100373
0000034990| Sony ECM-B1M High Performance Shotgun Mic
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About the Sony ECM-B1M High Performance Shotgun Mic

Three directivity modes

Advanced digital signal processing makes it possible to offer three switchable directivity patterns in one versatile microphone: super-directional, unidirectional, and omnidirectional.

Mechanical noise suppression

An advanced shock and vibration suppressing design effectively minimizes low-frequency—or handling—noise that can degrade audio quality. The absence of connecting cables also means that no noise can be transmitted to the microphone mechanically via cables and connectors.

Wind screen supplied

The ECM-B1M is supplied with a fur-type wind screen that can reduce wind noise when shooting outdoors.

Super-directivity in a compact mic

Eight high-performance microphone units work with a newly developed beamforming algorithm to provide extremely sharp directivity that effectively rejects off-axis sound. All of this is achieved in a remarkably compact microphone that is only 3.91" in length.

Effective filter for clear sound

A low-cut filter that cuts out subsonic noise is implemented through digital signal processing, maximizing audio quality at the recording stage and thereby reducing the need for complex post processing.

Essential controls

Record level control, analog output for compatibility with a wide range of cameras, and an attenuator that makes it easy to set optimum signal levels all add to this microphone's versatility. This level of control can contribute to smooth, stress-free post production.

Great sound with low noise

When connected via the Multi Interface Shoe of a compatible camera that features a built-in digital audio interface, the audio signal is directly transferred to the camera in digital form so that no degradation can occur. A simple switch also provides compatibility with a wide range of cameras using an analog interface.

Cable-free connection

Simply clip the microphone into the Multi Interface Shoe on a compatible camera for direct power and audio connections without the need for extra cables or batteries. Sony's Multi Interface Shoe offers intelligent connectivity and control for a variety of accessories, providing maximum flexibility and mobility for α system shooting.


Frequency response: 40 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Pickup Pattern: Super-directional/unidirectional/omnidirectional (selectable)
Front Sensitivity: -20 dBFS (0.1 Pa, 1 kHz)
Intrinsic Noise: 14 dB SPL or less (0 dB = 2×10-5 Pa)
Maximum Input Sound
Pressure Level: 120 dB SPL
Dynamic Range: 106 dB or more
Operation Temeratures: 0°c to 40°c (32°F to 104°F 
Storage Temperature: -20°c to +55°c (-4°F to +131 °F)
Physical Specification
Weight: 77.3g (2.8 oz)
Dimensions: 27.4mm*81.8mm*99.3mm (width*height*depth)
Dust and Moisture Resistance: Yes

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