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ProMaster EC92234
ProMaster 95mm HGX Prime Protection Filter - 6641
ProMaster EC54461
ProMaster 86mm UV Digital HGX Filter 5146
OP/TECH USA 62mm Filter Cap 0701621

michaels EC105626
COKIN "A" series filters Bulk lot of 49 used filters plus assorted mounts, rings and hoods
Kenko EC77460
Kenko 52mm ECO Circular Polarising Filter
ProMaster EC96245
ProMaster 52mm IRND4X (.6) HGX Prime Filter 5788

Cokin EC101688
Cokin A354 Linear B Filter kit
Cokin EC101654
Cokin Color Conversion Filter - 82B Blue
Kenko EC23265
Kenko 52mm Pro 1D Circular Polarising Filter

Cokin EC31714
Cokin 72mm UV Filter
Cokin EC101668
Cokin A77 Wide Angle Colour Spot Filter - Blue
ProMaster EC96266
ProMaster 46mm IRND4X (.6) HGX Prime Filter 5690

Hoya EC26385
Hoya 55mm UV Super HMC Filter
Cokin EC101669
Cokin A92 Special Effects Filter - Dreams 2
Cokin EC101660
Cokin A46 Florescent Correction Filter

michaels EC105679
AMBICO Assorted special effects filters
ProMaster EC96229
ProMaster 105mm IRND32X (1.5) HGX Prime Filter 6292
ProMaster EC54454
ProMaster 86mm Circular Polarizer HGX Filter 5153

michaels EC107789
Nikon 39mm Drop-in Gelatin Filter Holder for Nikon AF 300mm 2.8 - Professionally Checked
michaels EC106546
NIKON 52mm Orange 56 filter Professionally checked
michaels EC105499
Polaroid Filter System Set F101-F105 and Filter Holder F106 for Spectra - Professionally Checked

Phottix EC102781
Phottix 72mm Star 8 Filter
michaels EC107496
HOYA 58mm MC PL-C Multi Coated Circular Polarizer Filter Professionally checked
ProMaster EC46982
ProMaster 58mm UV- Multi-Coated Filter 5592

Cokin EC32110
Cokin Z153 Neutral Grey ND4X Filter
ProMaster EC46972
ProMaster 72mm UV- Multi-Coated Filter 3551
ProMaster EC46971
ProMaster 67mm UV- Multi-Coated Filter 3544

michaels EC106260
B + W 49mm UV Filter 49ES 010 Professionally checked
michaels EC106274
LEECH 48mm Orange Filter Professionally checked
michaels EC106164
ZEISS IKON CONTAPOL Polarizing filter S27 Professionally checked

michaels EC106166
ZEISS IKON B56 Filters IKOLOR A 2X - Professionally Checked
michaels EC106148
LEICA UVa SERIES 8 FILTER 13018 - Professionally Checked
michaels EC105681
MINOLTA 52mm FILTER YELLOW Y48 Professionally checked

michaels EC105673
LEICA Leitz Leica #13352 Swing-Out Polarizer Filter with Hood Professionally checked
michaels EC107471
ASAHI PENTAX 49mm YELLOW FILTER Y2 Professionally checked
michaels EC106265
HOYA 49mm Close-up +3 Filter Professionally checked

michaels EC106300
NIKON NIKKOR 52mm UV Filter L39 Professionally checked
michaels EC106180
FUJIYAMA 77mm UV DHQ Filter Professionally checked
michaels EC106249
B + W 43mm 43ES KB-12 (80B) Cooling Color Conversion Filter Professionally checked

michaels EC105890
METZ FILTER SET Professionally checked
michaels EC106228
B + W 46mm 81B Filter for Color Conversion Professionally checked
michaels EC106327
VOIGTLANDER FOCAR 2 304/32 filter Press on type Professionally checked

michaels EC105543
BOLEX H16 Filter Holders with Kodak Wratten Gelatin Filters
michaels EC107516
ASAHI PENTAX 67mm SKYLIGHT Filter Professionally checked
michaels EC107454
PHOTAPE 52mm YELLOW FILTER Y2 Professionally checked

michaels EC107722
HOYA O(G) Orange B&W Filter 39mm - Professionally Checked
michaels EC107526
HOYA 62mm PL-CIR Circular Polarizer Filter Professionally checked
michaels EC107458
HOYA 55mm RED FILTER R (25A) Professionally checked

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