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Muraro MU02HCA Compact Stand Medium

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Muraro MU02HCA Compact Stand Medium
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This compact-medium-stand is perfect for lighting and video and robust for any location.

Featuring -  Electro-welded aluminium tubes of the same diameter on both sections, plus the short length of the single extension (50-60 cm) and the strength of the riser castings, ensure extraordinary loading capacity without compromising stability: up to 10 kg to a 300 cm height.

The stand can be disassembled into two sections with a low-profile function: base and column.

The base can be used as a nano stand, with a minimum height of 75 cm.

The column can be used as a boom stand, facilitated by the handle grip.

The stand is equipped with 5/8″ spigot.

The spider castings are adjustable independently, ensuring extraordinary flexibility in setting up the stand and allowing the use even in tight spaces, both in-studio or on location.

The riser castings are equipped with a device that ensures locking of the tube with a minimum rotation.
The riser castings are made of cast aluminium.

No elements are produced in thermoplastic material, except the handles.



closed length

75 cm

minimum height

80 cm

maximum height

300 cm

maximum load

10 kg


3.4 kg





section | riser

2 | 1   –   3 | 2

section diameter

35 | 30   –   35 | 30 | 25,4 mm

leg shape

22 mm diameter

footprint diameter

130 cm

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