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Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector

Profoto EC95329
Profoto OCF Zoom Reflector
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Power and punch.
Two new OCF Hard Reflectors.

Adding hard light to the shaping palette of Profoto OCF Light Shaping Tools are the OCF Zoom Reflector and the OCF Magnum Reflector.

The OCF Zoom Reflector doubles the effective light output at two meters range, while the slightly larger OCF Magnum Reflector adds even more effective power output making it perfect for throwing light over long distances without being overpowered by natural light – and both are compact and lightweight.


OCF Zoom Reflector

Recommended for
Profoto B1, B1X, B2, D1 and D2
Max light output
Up to +1.2 f-stop compared with built-in reflector
Light spread
Adjustable 55-85° beam angle
Use Restrictions
Max 1000Ws flash
Max 300W modelling light
Diameter: 150mm
Depth: 140mm
The size is small enough to fit the reflector into BackPack M, Bag XS and Bag S Plus when mounted onto B1X, B1, D1 or D2.
195g (6.88 oz)
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