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ProMaster Umbrella White 30" White 5166

ProMaster EC54467
0000002995| ProMaster Umbrella White 30" White 5166
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About the ProMaster Umbrella White 30" White 5166


ProMaster Weekender Umbrellas offer the photographer a wide variety of options to help them create dramatic photographs.

PROMASTER Umbrellas come in both 30" and 45" sizes and are available in the following styles:

White: A white umbrella gives an even diffused lighting effect with soft shadow definition. The closer to the subject the umbrella is placed, the softer the shadow will be. The fabric is also great for a "shoot-through" umbrella.

White/Silver: This umbrella softens and broadens the light output from any flash or monolight. It differs from a white umbrella in that it adds a specular highlight to subjects and slightly intensifies the light output.

Black/Silver: The black/silver umbrella provides focused lighting, along with soft shadow definition. It is especially suitable for bringing out structural details in materials. The black backing helps to keep stray light from escaping.

Black/Gold: The black/gold umbrella is an all gold reflective umbrella that produces a warm soft, wrap around style lighting perfect for single light portraits. 

Black/Silver/Gold: The black/silver/gold umbrella provides the light output of a silver umbrella with a warming effect.

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