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Verbatim CD-R 21minutes - 50 Pack

michaels camera video digital EC102583
Verbatim CD-R 21minutes - 50 Pack
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This Verbatim CD-R 21minutes - 50 Pack is specifically designed for optimal performance in multi speed CD-R/RW writers and is backward compatible. When handling CD-R, please hold the disc along the outer edge or place your finger though the center hub to protect the recording surface from scratches, smudges, smears, fingerprints and other dust particles. Never touch the recording surface with any other objects. When not in use, please store it properly in its case, and never place the recording surface side face down on a hard surface. Do not attach labels, protective sheets or apply any coating fluids to the disc. When labeling the disc for identification purposes, please use a soft, oil-based, felt-tip marker on the recording or preprinted surface. Do not use ball-point pen or hard tip devices for labeling as they may damage the recording surface of the disk. The disc should never be exposed to excessive heat or humidity. Avoid any exposure to direct sunlight.

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