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Canon WFTE4IID Wireless File Transmitter

Canon EC16531
Canon WFTE4IID Wireless File Transmitter
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WFTE4IID Wireless Transmitter to suit EOS5DII

PRODUCT: WFT-E4 II Wireless Transmitter
* Enables roaming photojournalist or back-country nature photographer to
geotag images easily through hard-wired/Bluetooth-connected GPS devices
* Provides reliable file transfer options such as FTP Mode with the
Ability to send images in real-time to a computer
* Provides a wide range of different W'less compat options, as well as a
wired option to ensure the unit will sync into any Pro workflow
* Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) option for a one-touch connection to local
W'less networks
* Allows users to remotely connect to a camera via any std Web browser
for global access of images in real-time
* Canon's WFT Svr mode allows for multiple connected users to download
both images &d video files from a camera, as well as view still images
* EOS Utility mode provides full-camera control while remote shooting with
a complete full Live View preview on-screen
* Camera Linking function to link each linked camera must be equipped
with a compat WFT unit
* USB Host port, allows photographers to connect large capacity storage
devices or GPS units directly to the camera for max storage capacity or
geotagging images

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