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Skywatcher EQ5 Mount WIth Aluminium Tripod

Skywatcher EC69725
0000005490| Skywatcher EQ5 Mount WIth Aluminium Tripod
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About the Skywatcher EQ5 Mount WIth Aluminium Tripod

  • Adjustable aluminium tripod with an accessory tray
  • Manual fine adjustment controls
  • Fine adjustments of latitude and azimuth for a precise polar alignment
  • Bubble level for perfect levelling
  • Aluminium setting circle dials allow for quick target acquisition via celestial coordinates
  • Worm gear tracking controls provides a full 360° manipulation of the RA and DEC axis
  • V style telescope connection
  • Optional Single & Dual-Axis Motor Drive
  • Optional Motorised Go-To SynScan system
  • Portable and quick assembly
  • 5 Years Sky-Watcher Limited Warranty

The Sky-Watcher EQ5 mount with aluminium tripod is a sturdy and heavy duty equatorial mount for the professional astronomer. It has a great payload capacity holding telescopes of medium dimension such as 200mm reflectors or 150mm refractors. The integrated bubble level and the adjustable tripod legs make the levelling easy, the azimuth and altitude axis can be fine adjusted for a precise polar alignment. The fine adjustment knobs allows to easy track the object even at high magnifications.

Precise Controls

The internal gears of the mount are manufactured to stay within very strict tolerances. This ensures you get smooth control compared to other mounts in the same class. With the fine adjustment knobs, you have full control of both Right Ascension and Declination in order to manually track the object in the sky, even at high magnification. The graduated aluminium circles for R.A. and Dec. can be used to precisely match the coordinates of a known object and find those faint targets.

Equatorial Mount Features

The equatorial mount offers conveniently compensates the Earth’s rotation. That is a great advantage for high resolution observation as it is only necessary to turn a single knob whilst tracking an object across the sky. The altitude and azimuth fine adjustment knobs make the polar alignment easy while the gears ensure accurate tracking. The heavy duty tripod increases the stability of the telescope and reduces vibration.

Aligning an equatorial mount is an easy operation that can be completed in a few minutes. Once the tripod is levelled and the mount is oriented South, incline the mount at the same angle of your local latitude. For example, if you are in Sydney (latitude 33° South), adjust the mount inclination to 33° above the horizon using the scale on the EQ5 mount.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Polar scope for precise polar alignment
  • R.A. motor drive for sidereal tracking
  • Dual motors in R.A. and Dec. for the full control of the mount
  • SynScan Go-To system for pointing and tracking more than 42,900 objects

In The Box:

  • German Equatorial Mount EQ5
  • Fine Adjustment Knobs
  • Aluminium Tripod
  • Accessory Tray
  • 20mm Counterweight Bar
  • Two Counterweight – 5kg Each
  • User Manual
Mount Type German Equatorial
Tripod Material Aluminium
Telescope Mounting V Style Dovetail Bar
Payload 10Kg
Tripod Height 71-123cm
Tripod Weight 5.07kg
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