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Benro Phonographer P1 Smartphone Gimbal

Benro EC100475
0000316999| Benro Phonographer P1 Smartphone Gimbal
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About the Benro Phonographer P1 Smartphone Gimbal

The Benro Phonographer P1 Smartphone Gimbal is a fantastic accessory for everybody who has ever shot images or videos on their phone, who vlogs, who streams on Facebook, who posts stories on Instagram, who takes their life and sends it to the World.

  • Small (with a unique folding design to make it even smaller!) 
  • Lightweight (with its nylon construction it weighs only 480g)
  • Strong (capable of supporting 310g of the smartphone—without balance restrictions!)
  • Packed with features (how about wireless charging for your phone or remote microphone facilities?)
  • Backed by an amazing App (stabilisation, focus, zoom, face follow, object follow, panoramic multi shooting, time-lapse video — the list just goes on and on!)
  • Great Battery Life (as much as 24 hours when not using the wireless charging—and can be recharged in just 3 hours) 
  • Unrestricted Movement (full 360-degree rotation—and at the press of a button, horizontal to vertical shooting). 
  • Wireless Charging
  • Extended 24-hour battery life
  • Intelligent following
  • Time Lapse
  • Trajectory Delay
  • Travel-Friendly


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