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Zhiyun Weebill Lab Creator Package

Zhiyun EC99746
0001123195| Zhiyun Weebill Lab Creator Package
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About the Zhiyun Weebill Lab Creator Package


Zhiyun Weebill Lab Creator Package

3 axis stabilizer for DSLM and DSLR cameras up to 3kg

Weebill Lab's wireless HD transmission supports live view, image adjustment, and parameter control via the camera. Due to the high compatibility with smartphones and tablets, most digital devices can be easily used as a monitor. With real-time live preview and parameter settings, you can capture footage from any angle.

ViaTouch control system
The ViaTouch control system allows the user to operate every detail on a smartphone display. Thus, various gimbal movements and camera settings can be made while recording is designed.

Versatile structure
Weebill Lab has a versatile and ergonomic structure that revolutionizes the overall appearance. You can hold the gimbal either upright or in a comfortable hanging position by mounting the tripod as a handle. This makes fatigue-free and unique filming possible.

Lightweight case
Combined with the latest engine technology, Weebill Lab reduces the noise level by 50% and increases the engine power by 80% as well as the response speed.

Easy locking
Weebill Lab is equipped with a lock on each axle to facilitate balancing. Certain axes can be locked while the other is balanced. The current setting can be saved for the next time. Weebill is a versatile device for run-and-gun filmmakers to instantly film everywhere.

Minimal weight - maximum payload
Weebill Lab weighs as much as a smartphone stabilizer but can stabilize a payload of 3 kilograms. It is compatible with most combinations of mirrorless camera and lens.

Quick release plate
Quick release plate with Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss port allows for easy setup and a quick change without re-balancing.

PhoneGo Mode
With a single touch of the Go button, the camera is ready for extreme sports scenes. The PhoneGo mode allows the gimbal maximum follow-up speed and helps to accurately capture the desired object. A scene change can easily be achieved in the camera within seconds.

Harmonized Axis Design
The Weebill Lab's properly sloped roll axis provides the user with a clear view and enables the gimbal to handle heavier cameras with longer lenses without compromising gimbal stability or gimbal construction.

Intuitive OLED display
The intuitive display helps to easily identify connection status, battery charge status, control mode, and multiple camera parameters, giving you full control of all settings.

Automated Advanced Features
Weebill Lab's ZY PLAY app supports advanced features such as panorama, focus-time-lapse, motion-time-lapse, long-exposure time-lapse, and more.

sensor control No dedicated remote control is required anymore. Weebill Lab allows a direct connection to a smartphone and turns it into a monitor for motion sensor control. By moving the smartphone, the gimbal is controlled in real time.

Dual power supply for long-term
recording Equipped with two 18650 batteries, the Weebill ensures continuous filming of up to 10 hours. It allows direct supply of the camera during recording, which supports long-term recordings.

Balancing System
The Balancing System makes gimbal setup easy even for beginners. Thanks to a new design and two-port quick-release plate, the gimbal setup can be executed and stored quickly and perfectly.

Comfortable tripod
The sturdy tripod with rubber coating ensures a comfortable grip.

Weebill Lab can use Zhiyun's accessories with three external threaded connections. This allows more flexibility and increases creativity.

Always in focus
The external tracking focus motor can also be used with Weebill Lab for precise and fluid focusing with all camera systems. With a dial on the housing, the focus can be pulled during recording and in motion.






3.0 kg


1.0 kg

Image Transmission


Quick Release Plate

Manfrotto + Arca Quick Release Structure

Via Touch


Operating Modes

Underslung and Standard Upright

Lockable Axes



OLED Display

Extended Ports

2x 1/4-inch screw holes (Bottom and side)

External Follow Focus


Battery Life

10 Hours

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