Casio TR-60




From the pursuit of beauty comes stunning image quality

EX-TR60 combines EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3 with a high sensitivity

1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor and a newly developed lens with outstanding

optic qualities. Also equipped with a high brightness LED for capturing

even more beautiful images in dark or backlit conditions, vastly improved

self-portrait image results can be achieved in any situation.

What this means is that you can enjoy self-portraits that are a cut above

anything you’ve ever experienced before.



Make-up Mode provides even higher quality images to enhance the expression of beauty

Make-up Plus technology makes it possible to give your skin a beautiful, natural and smooth appearance while keeping its tonal gradations and the details of individual eyelashes. Choose between 12 levels of “Smooth Skin” and make fine adjustments to your “Skin Tone” ranging from light to tan in order to capture selfies that show off your ideal skin type.

Skin Tone: Light +5
Smooth Skin: +10

Skin Tone: Light +0
Smooth Skin: +0




Selfie Pad & Selfie Art for capturing and enriching your beauty

Selfie Pad has smart and easy controls that let you do everything with just one hand, leaving you free to simply look good in your selfies. What’s more, the Selfie Art feature lets you add new forms of artistic expression on top of the beauty that Make-up effects bring to your selfies. Style and expression have made a new leap forward.


Selfie Pad

The frame of the camera features a capacitive sensor pad that makes it easy to control the camera’s various features while holding the camera with one hand to take shots. This means you can smoothly and smartly shoot your selfies without any hassle. The Selfie Pad lets you look good while taking your selfies.

Selfie Art

Six different Art effects have been added which allow you to change the expression of a selfie while keeping the beauty enhancements of Make-up Mode. Without using a smartphone, you can verify the effects on the camera’s monitor as you take your pictures and express the world just the way you want it to be seen.










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