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Take a fresh look at rechargeable eneloop, the world's leading alternative to conventional dry cell batteries. It offers similarly high performance and long life, but can be reused up to 2,100 times. And thanks to extremely low self-discharge capabilities, pre-charged eneloop can be used immediately or stored for up to five years while retaining up to 65%2 capacity. As well as delivering convenience, economy, and high voltage performance, eneloop is good for the environment. So if saving money, time, and nature's ecology sounds good, make the change to a sustainable lifestyle.



For Sustainable Lifestyle

eneloop is rechargeable battery offering a new lifestyle choice to customers. Developed with the concept of sustainability and care for the Earth, eneloop embodies the principles of ‘Recharge’ and ‘Reuse’ for realizing Clean Energy Society. eneloop uses energy from the sun and envisions sustainable Clean Energy Lifestyle by encouraging repeated use. We will continue to offer Clean Energy Solution so that we can live in harmony with the Earth.




Economic benefits

While the initial cost of rechargeable batteries is high, your investment in eneloop will be recovered after only a few recharging cycles and the long term savings are substantial. eneloop batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times.




Environmentally friendly

It is estimated that over 40 billion dry-cells were disposed worldwide last year. eneloop rechargeable batteries represent renewable energy and can be charged up to 2100 times! Using eneloop rechargeable batteries will help in the reduction of disposable waste and thus benefit the environment. Let’s keep batteries out of our landfill.




Ready to use & low self discharge

eneloop batteries are delivered pre-charged and are ready for immediate use upon purchase. There is no need to charge before use. While other non ready to use rechargeable batteries lose their charge over time, PANASONIC’s eneloop technology enables these batteries to keep 70% of their charge up to 10 years.




High power battery

One of the main features of eneloop is the higher voltage level. Many applications switch off or show the low battery signal if the voltage is lower than 1,1 Volt. A traditional Ni-MH battery will lose its voltage constantly and runs under this critical level very soon. eneloop however will keep the voltage level over 1,1 Volt for a long time, and only just before becoming empty will fall under that limit. That’s one of the reasons why you can take more photos with eneloop.




Suitable in low temperatures

eneloop has superior performance at 0ºC and can even be used at temperature as low as -20ºC. eneloop is able to maintain a low self-discharge rate even in temperatures as low as –20ºC. Operation time will be shorter than that of room temperature.




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