Insight: Nicole Clare Emanuel
From Press Photographer to Animal/Equine Specialist

Nicole Clare Emanuel

From humble beginnings working in darkrooms on rural newspapers to becoming News Limited’s foremost horse-racing photographer in the late 1990s, to a features photographer for Fairfax, she is internationally recognised for her work.

Nicole Emanuel will take you through a fascinating visual seminar on her career spanning 15 years as a full-time press photographer, and a further ten years as a specialist in horses and animals. She will show examples and captivating stories of her work from humble beginnings on rural newspapers to photographing for the largest metropolitan daily newspapers in the country. She will provide some insight into her tips for some of her award-winning images, including memorable stories of moments captured in time, such as the famous “Dyecing with Danger”.

Melbourne's Photo Show 13 October, 2018

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Insight: Chris Smith
Connecting with Portraits

Chris Smith

Chris has always had a love for photography, from the dark room days in high school to now and more recently really honing his skills in both natural light and studio work over the last 5 years.

With a shooting style that’s free, candid and honest, Chris loves exploring delicate, emotive and creative images. “It doesn’t matter if I’m shooting a wedding or a portrait, I have the same approach and encourage people to just be themselves”.

In his presentation, Connecting with Portraits, Chris Smith will talk about where to start with portrait work, how to contact and work with models and creating comfortable, safe shooting environments. Smith will discuss what makes a good portrait, lighting, workflow, and editing. Get some insight into Smith’s background and journey with Olympus and why he loves using Olympus gear.

Melbourne's Photo Show 13 October, 2018

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Insight: Karen Woo
Nikon Mirrorless Z7 in the Fashion and Creative World with Karen Woo

Karen Woo

Karen Woo (@heykarenwoo) is reputable photographer who is becoming one of Australia’s multi-facet creatives specialising in fashion, street style and editorial photography.After graduating from Bachelor of Science and Masters of Business Systems at Monash University, Karen worked as a Senior Business Consultant for 8 years ranging from Federal Government to Financial Institutions. In 2011, she took a leap of faith and pursued her dream career as a photographer.

Learn from Karen Woo, Melbourne Fashion, Street Style and Editorial photographer. Known for her editorial, fashion campaign and street style work, Woo is a prolific blogger and will discuss everything between Fashion and Creative, including her own blogging and content creation for social media platforms, and the new Nikon Z7.

Melbourne's Photo Show 13 October, 2018

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Insight: Aliki Smith
Film Photography and Words By Women in Indie Print

Aliki Smith

Aliki Smith is the Editor-in-Chief of She Shoots Film magazine, an indie publication dedicated to exploring life through the female gaze. Based in Melbourne, Smith has been the Editor-in-Chief since the its first digital publication 2014.

Aliki Smith shares her experiences in transitioning from photographer to publisher and her passion to support women’s film photography and writing through print media. Smith’s publication, She Shoots Film, explores the landscape of film photography in contemporary society and the female gaze.

She will be discussing her move from digital to analogue publishing and print production, what it’s like to be an independent publisher, working with niche works while still speaking to the greater public.

Melbourne's Photo Show 13 October, 2018

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Insight: Andrew Hall
My X Series Journey and the FUJIFILM X-H1

Andrew Hall

With over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer, Andrew has enjoyed an award-winning career in a wide range of photographic genres from the high-speed world of Motorsport to landscapes and specialist portraiture. Based in Sydney Australia Andrew is fortunate enough to travel the world pursuing his passion for photography. Andrew is always keen to utilise the latest technologies to capture images in situations that were out of reach especially in the days of film! Andrew is a proud FUJIFILM X Series ambassador and has used the X Series system since the introduction of first X-Series camera, the X100, in 2011.

Join Motorsport photographer Andrew Hall as he shares experiences from his XSeries journey and showcases the exciting FUJIFILM X-H1. 

Andrew exclusively uses FUJIFILM X- Series for his Motorsport photography and was involved in the pre release testing of the X-H1. 

Andrew will discuss how to get the most from the latest camera in the X Series range and having used the X- Series for 7 years Andrew will also be happy to answer any questions you have on the X-Series range.

Melbourne's Photo Show, 12 May 2018

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Insight: Mark Galer
Creating Powerful Portraits

Mark Galer

A seasoned professional photographer, educator, author, Sony Global Imaging Ambassador and an Adobe Imaging Ambassador for the APAC region. He has written thirty books for Focal Press, has served as a Senior Lecturer and Program Director of the BA Photography course at RMIT University in Melbourne.

Mark will show you how to capture powerful portraits on location using ambient and/or flash. He will run you through his personal camera settings that he uses and also essential tips and techniques to establish the best composition and lighting. Mark’s technique and 'go to’ camera settings for capturing portraits which always deliver.

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Insight: Ian van der Wolde
The Technical and Creative Uses of Tilt Shift Lenses

Ian van der Wolde

Multi award winning Australian photographer Ian van der Wolde is a successful Melbourne based commercial photographer who specialities include, Advertising, Aerial, Fashion, Food, Corporate People, Public Relations, Portraiture, Product and Industrial photography. 

Join Ian as he demystifies the tilt shift lens. This presentation will explain how use Tilt Shift lenses to obtain the best depth of field and focus, to correct perspective distortion and also some creative uses such as Stitching, the miniature effect and selective focusing.

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Insight: Dave Katague
Exploring Event Filmmaking & Video Marketing

Dave Katague

Dave Katague is a graphic designer, photographer, motion graphic animator, videographer, video editor and aspiring DOP.He has a deep understanding in human behaviour and psychology, event filmmaking and video marketing strategy.

Dave will show examples of some of his background (how he got to where he is), his experience and work, and a lot of lessons gained from travelling around the world since February last year. Also any equipment, post production and mindset questions will be shared. 

This wonderfully-shot documentary was created with the new Panasonic Lumix GH5 while Dave was on assignment in Laos.

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Insight: Denis Smith
Living Light

Denis Smith

Denis Smith bought his first camera in 2009, and during the same year a huge life change saw him leave his home town of Auckland to make a new start in Adelaide, South Australia. The move away from Auckland and a high flying corporate life allowed Denis the time and space to deal with the depression, alcohol abuse and lifestyle that almost killed him. Photography quickly became the creative outlet that allowed him to replenish both mind and soul. Denis is now known as one of the worlds most prolific light painters, and continues to inspire photographers of all ages and experience to explore and push the boundaries of their own creativity.

Light painting is an exciting photography genre that, by its nature, is super creative and constantly pushes boundaries. In this presentation we will look at different styles of photography and Denis will show us how even the most basic equipment can create mind blowing images.

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Insight: Luis Ascui
Speaking of images, what are we trying to say?

Luis Ascui

Luis was born in Santiago, Chile and has worked as a professional
photojournalist in Latin America, Australia, Europe, and South East Asia over
the last 27 years. In 2000, he received the Nikon Award for Photojournalism,
and through his work explored the political turmoil and changes in
Indonesia. Formerly Photographer/Senior Sub-editor for the Reuters Global
Pictures Desk in Singapore, managing and shooting breaking news across Asia.
Photographic documentary work includes Afghanistan, Cambodia, Bangladesh,
Sri Lanka, Sarajevo. A grant assisted documentation of Mayan culture in Central
America in 1994, and images of Guatemala were exhibited in Copenhagen at the
United Nations Summit for Social Development. He now operates as a full time
freelance photographer based in Melbourne.

In a fast-moving social media world, we are swamped with images that look good but say very little. The challenge to communicate something with depth is perhaps most obvious if we consider the popular genre of 'street' photographer. Much of it looks great, shadows and light, lot's of it black and white and moody. I'm often at a loss once I've absorbed the immediate visual frame. Much of it leaves me feeling empty and I wonder what some of the photographers take away from the scenes they are shooting. What is that they are trying to show us apart of an aesthetically pleasing and clever frame. It's not always easy to know what you want to communicate, but when you do, you need to find a way to really let your camera do the talking.

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Insight: Kelly Tunney
Confidence, Trust & Kickass Wedding Photography

Kelly Tunney

As a photographer, I come together with clients over how they see the world, and how they want to be seen in their own little part of it. 

 I provide every couple that I photograph with a collection of prints from their day. It is important to me that you see your photographs as printed images – call me traditional, but it’s something that I like to do. 

 I want to give you something you will want to hang on your wall, not just something for Nanna's fridge.

Kelly’s mission is to help you find your photographic creative confidence and hang on to it for the long haul.Creatives always want to try new ideas and extend their creativity just about every single day. But how do you find creative confidence and how do we hang on to it for the long haul? Finding what will work for you is important - maybe it’s not through awards, but it’s other forms of experimentation or reinventing yourself and your brand.

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Insight: Mark Galer
Travel Photography with the Sony a9

Mark Galer

A seasoned professional photographer, educator, author, and contributing editor for Australian Photography and Digital magazine.Mark is the Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom Ambassador for Australia and an internationally recognised Photoshop Guru. He recently published his 30th book with Focal Press, has served as a Senior Lecturer and Program Director of the BA Photography course at RMIT University in Melbourne (the oldest photography course in the world).  

The Sony A9 is the talk of the town and with his extensive time behind the lens of this impressive full frame mirrorless camera, Mark Galer has much insight to share.Mark recently travelled to the UK with a Sony A9, the latest and most advanced entry into Sony’s Full Frame Mirrorless Camera line-up. Mark will share his thoughts, experience, and also showcase some images from his recent travels.

Melbourne's Photo Show 22 July, 2017

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