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Online Printing

If you are looking for exceptional quality printing, you can't look past michaels.



Not every print is the same and at michaels we are proud to offer exceptional quality prints!

Our lab

With the newest technology available, we are able to provide exceptional quality prints from a far more environmentally friendly lab than other mini-labs. Our printer is energy efficient and uses a third the amount of electricity compared to the wet labs of the past. Our printer is profiled to ICC standards and will convert all images into the printers colour space to ensure consistent and natural colours.

At michaels we use genuine inks and papers and our prints are waterproof and archival. Our extensive list of sizes range from 4x4 inches up to impressive 12x36 inch panorama prints, often available as quickly as one hour or less (in-store). We will also notify you by SMS when you order is ready for collection!

Order Online

Our easy-to-use online ordering system is optimised for all devices making it is simple for you to free your pictures from your smartphone, tablet and hard drives and turn them into prints which are guaranteed to last!

When using our online system from your desktop computer you will have direct access to your commonly used image-storage applications; your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Picassa, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Gmail & OneDrive.

Please note: our printer has a resolution of 360PPI.

Click on the link below to order or visit www.printatmichaels.com.au.


Paper Types

There are two main choices when it comes to photographic paper finishes; gloss and matte.

Tip: michaels recommend matte paper for prints which are to be displayed under glass or if you intend to handle your photos frequently as it doesn’t show fingerprints.


At michaels we offer the choice of printing your order with a thin 4mm white border around your image.

Digital Backup

Store your images on CD, DVD or USB to ensure that your files are safe and in multiple locations.

Non Standard Sizes

Sometimes when ordering photographic prints your images may not be the same ratio as the print size you require. For example, most compact cameras take photographs in a 4:3 ratio, and when ordering 4x6 inch photographs (a 3:2 ratio) you will notice that some of your image will be cropped.


Your image will fill the print size you have selected and may crop part of the image. We advise checking the crop of each file before finalising your order.


Choose if cropping the image does not suit you. This option will shrink the whole image to fit into the print size you have selected, leaving some white space.

Custom Sizes

At michaels we are able to accommodate and print custom sizes. If using our uploading systems you may need to open your image in Photoshop and increase the 'canvas size' to a standard size offered online. Alternatively, contact one of our imaging consultants who can arrange your custom size print for you.