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Passport Photos - While U Wait

michaels Camera Video Digital offers 'while-you-wait' standard or Biometric photos for passports, visas, immigration, citizenship, driving licences and identity cards for all nationalities, at any size and to any specification requirements.

michaels is the first store in Australia to provide Biometric passport photos for travellers from all countries.

The latest standards for new biometric passports and passport photographs, set out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), are both intricate and exacting, demanding high quality ID photos. These standards have been adopted worldwide as the most effective and least intrusive way of boosting passport security.

The certified biometric passport photos from michaels allow for an automated means of recognising you by measuring a distinguishing physical trait. Using biometric technology your passport photo is digitised and may be stored and referenced in the Australian Passport database.

With the very possibility of error eliminated, you never again need to experience the frustration of having passport photos rejected.

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Catering for Baby & Infant Photos

michaels are expert in taking baby and infant passport and visa photos, in accordance with strict regulations. Official Australian guidelines assert that the photo must adhere to the following:

At michaels we provide studio quality passport and visa photos suitable for the passport and visa requirements of all countries**.

As well as being able to provide a print while you wait, we can also provide a digital copy that can be sent to your email, burned to a CD or stored on a USB thumb drive.