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Print, Album & Artwork Scanning

michaels provides professional photo scanning services to preserve photo memories so they can be enjoyed in today’s digital age. We scan all shapes and sizes of photos and offer flexible storage options. Now is the time to convert your photo collection to digital!

Our laboratory handles all custom scanning from any source to any file resolution and in any file format, cropped to your specifications and saved onto your CD, USB or sent by email transfer.

There are many different methods of scanning. The appropriate scanning solution will be chosen based on the original artwork's size, shape and the desired resolution.

All scanning services are completed on-site in our Professional Laboratory.

Shoebox Scanning

There is finally an economical solution for archiving all of your old prints! We can quickly scan your photos to CD or USB for as little as 27c per print! Once digitised, your photo memories can be readily viewed without digging through a box to find a photo. Digital photos can be copied and easily shared with family members so that everyone can have their own copy.

So grab that old shoebox in the cupboard and let us take care of the rest!

How to prepare your prints for Shoebox Scanning:

Prints that do not suit the above requirements can be digitised with our Flatbed Scanning service.

There are no guarantees that your prints will be scanned in a certain order. If you require scans in a specific order, additional charges will apply.

Resolution and File Types

Your prints can be scanned at:

Files are provided as JPEGs but TIFF files are available on request (25% surcharge applies).


300ppi Scan 600ppi Scan 1200ppi Scan
1-50 $1.50 each $2.00 each $3.00 each
up to 100 $79.00 $109.00 $129.00
up to 200 $99.00 $129.00 $169.00
up to 300 $119.00 $149.00 $209.00
up to 400 $139.00 $169.00 $229.00
up to 500 $159.00 $189.00 $259.00
up to 1000 $269.00 $299.00


up to 2000 $399.00 $449.00 $599.00


*72 hour turnaround

** TIFF files available (25% surcharge)

6x4 prints at the time of scan are available for only 19c each!

Flatbed Scanning

When flat images need to be reproduced, high resolution scanning yields unmatched results. Whether for reproductions of artwork, or scans of old photographic prints, scanning is the first step in making a high quality digital image.

High Resolution Photo Scanning

We scan photos as high resolution archival quality digital images which offers increased flexibility for enlarging, editing and printing. Each photo is carefully scanned individually by hand and includes precise cropping and manual editing for the highest quality results.

Photo Albums

We handle all shapes and sizes of photo albums. If photos are glued to pages we will scan directly from the page and if pages have writing around the pictures we can also scan the full album pages to preserve the layout.

White Glove Service!

We gently handle your photos and wear photo handling gloves so we don’t leave any fingerprints behind and wipe photos clean of dust and debris before scanning. We accept photos of any size, shape, age or condition.


Price Per Image Bulk Price (11+)
300ppi (1:1) $5.95 $4.95
600ppi (2:1) $7.95 $6.95
1200ppi (4:1) $12.95 $10.95
2400ppi (8:1) $19.95 $17.95

*48 hour turnaround

** TIFF files available (25% surcharge)

Additional Information

Large Format and Artwork Scanning 

For originals which are larger than A3, we recommend digitisation with our Large Format Scanning service. We will provide you with a digital copy with can be used to reproduce a fine art print.

Large format scanning is recommended for:

Scanning original artwork creates a useful digital copy, which can be used to reproduce a fine art print. It is an important process for artists, to ensure they have a usable, comparable version of their artwork for online and print portfolios, and future print production. A digital image can also be altered in any way the artist or designer chooses, without damage to the original.

Large Format Scans
(Photographic prints, documents & maps that won't fit in the flatbed scanner or are too fragile)
  • Smaller than A3 - $69.95
  • Smaller than 20x30" - $129.95
  • Smaller than 1m on long edge - $199.95
Artwork Reproduction
(Paintings, canvases, etc.)
  • Smaller than A3 - $129.95
  • Smaller than 20x30 - $179.95
  • Smaller than 1m long edge - $249.95

For any originals that are larger than 1m on the long edge, the order will need to be assessed and quoted by management.

Please note: some orders may need to be quoted independently depending on the state of the original (i.e. if the original is severely curled, if stitching is required, etc.)


Large Format and & Artwork Scanning has a 7 day turnaround.