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Digitally restore damaged or faded photos to their original condition. We can fix scratches and tears, restore colour, improve vibrancy, replace backgrounds, remove people and much more. The restored digital image is saved onto a CD, USB or can be sent to you via email transfer for safe storage, printing and sharing. Your original photo never leaves our store & is returned unharmed!

Old family portraits and historic photographs provide the best connection to previous generations, so don't let the fact that they are in poor condition keep you from enjoying them. At michaels, we can take your damaged photographs and restore them to look as good as, or sometimes even better than their original state. 

Our experienced technicians can correct colour and fading problems, fix fold lines, scratches, remove mold spots, water damage and other factors which take away from the beauty of old photographs. We can fill in missing sections of an image, or even manipulate a photo to take out something (or someone) that should not have been in the composition. Black and white photographs can even be turned into full colour. We take great pride in bringing not only the photos back to life, but enhancing the emotion behind each photo.

Bring your damaged photographs and film to michaels and we can make them look as good as new! We never harm or alter your original photos,they never leave our store and they’ll be returned to you as they were. Once your photographs have been restored and your order is complete, we supply the new and improved photograph to you on a CD or USB for you to keep and reproduce as many times as you like.

Why not have your newly restored photograph printed on one of our archival fine art papers to beautifully complement your original. You will be thrilled to have those memories in print to treasure for generations to come!

Light Restoration - $25

For lightly damaged originals with up to three minor repairs outside of major* areas.



Medium Restoration - $49.95

Includes ONE of the following: Restore one major* area of repair, OR colour restoration of intact photo, OR add or delete one person in a group photo, OR colourisation of intact black and white photo, OR change background.


Medium Heavy - $79.95

When neither medium or heavy would be the appropriate category due to additional work necessary on a medium photo. Light restoration plus additional service such as colourisation or change background.


Heavy Restoration - $109.95

For heavily damaged originals with more than 3 major* areas of repair OR photo repair and colourisation, OR add or delete more than one person in a group OR colourise and restore B/W photo.


Group Heavy Restoration - $129.95

For heavily damaged groups with more than 5 major* areas of repair OR heavy photo repair and colour restoration, OR add or delete more than 3 persons.


*major areas of repair are faces, hands, and areas of lost photographic emulsion which contains details essential to your photo.

NB. For badly damaged prints it might be useful to bring in a reference image