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Slide Processing & Mounting - In-store & Mail Order

michaels offer the largest variety of E-6 Colour Slide processing services - from 110, 35mm to 120/220, 4x5 and up to 8x10 sheet film. Our on-site E-6 processing services are monitored to ensure the most consistent processing available, and 35mm slide film can also be mounted!


Why is slide processing unique at michaels?

  • michaels have successfully sourced sufficient 35mm slide mounts to last another decade and are now one of the only labs in the world who will continue to process and mount slides well into the foreseeable future.

  • michaels have gone to great lengths to make sure that stabiliser is used in E-6 processing as we are aware that not all combinations of E-6 chemistry have this essential component in the mixes. This will ensure that all transparency/slide film processed at michaels will have the best chance for longevity.