Video Chat with Sony and michaels

About the Event - Wednesday 16th September 6.30pm - 8pm

Jump onboard a videochat with fellow photography enthusiasts, a representative from Sony Australia, Peter Michael and Sony Digital Imaging Advocate - Dylan Giannakopoulos. This is your chance to share, discuss, and receive feedback on your images that were inspired by The Great Outdoors. This event is open to all genres of photography and is not limited to Sony Alpha users.

Our videochat will be limited to six guests only. Keeping it small means that everyone will get a chance to share their favourite photos with the group, talk about their process, and open it up to constructive feedback. It may sound a bit intimidating to talk about your pictures, but please be reassured we are a friendly bunch.

Motivated by the many beauties of the world, Melbourne based commercial, travel and landscape photographer Dylan Giannakopoulos has set out to capture all that inspires him. His passion for photography has taken him from the glaciers in

New Zealand, to soaring over the streets of Manhattan. With a desire to share his love and knowledge of photographer with others, Dylan is a regular contributor for Australian Photography Magazine and Sony Digital Imaging Advocate.

At this event, you will be invited to participate in the following ways:

[1] Show & Tell

Email 2 of your favourite images to Dylan - or via WeTransfer at least 48 hours before the event. If possible please include Raw images as well. If possible. Please rename your files to include your name, for example, RobynSmith_1.jpeg and RobynSmith_2.jpeg. This is a requirement of the workshop as everyone’s participation is essential to creating a positive and collaborative experience.

[2] Open Discussion

Connect to the video chat using a computer with a good internet connection or a mobile device that is propped up on table or desk (please avoid hand holding the device). If possible, pick a room that is well-lit and quiet. We highly recommend using a set of ear buds with a built-in microphone, so that we can hear everyone clearly. We use Streamyard as our streaming platform. We will send you a link prior to the event.  Streamyard is browser based, there is no need to install any software.

[3] Constructive Feedback

If there is a specific technique, genre, or style of photography that has been giving you grief, then please send in an image of yours that “didn’t quite hit the mark” and Dylan will give you his thoughts and help you get on the right track. Rename this file to include your name and the word “feedback” for example, RobynSmith_Feedback_1.

Techniques Covered

  • Camera Gear
  • Basic Settings
  • Framing & Composition
  • Landscape
  • Seascape
  • A Recording For You To Access

    The video chat session will be recorded and shared to all participants guests so that you will have a ‘Replay Link’ to study and review afterwards.

    What You'll Need

    [1]  2 of your "Show & Tell" images (that you sent at least 48 hours before the event)
    [2]  A friendly attitude, good chat, and positive vibes
    [3]  Coffee, Tea, or Stubby (optional)
    [4]  Computer/Tablet or Phone with a camera & good internet connection [Ideally ear buds with built in microphone]
    [5]  Pen & paper if you would like to take notes


    Q. What should I wear? Is there a dress code? 

    A. Neat, casual dress

    Q. I have more questions. Can I contact the host?

    A. Yes, please do not hesitate to email  Dylan -

    Q. When is the event?

    A. Wednesday 16th September from 6.30pm - 8pm

    Q. What if I go to book and find all the places are taken already or I'm busy that night?

    A. We'll be having more Sony/michaels video chats. Please complete the contact form below to register your interest.

    Register Your Interest

    for future Sony/michaels Video Chats.





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