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Upgrading to the latest equipment is easy with michaels. Evaluations are free, your equipment can be assessed on the spot, depending on availability. Selling or trading in your equipment is a great way to get money to fund your next purchase. 

What type of equipment do we accept for trade-ins?

We accept

  • DSLR Cameras (above 10 megapixel)
  • Mirrorless cameras 
  • Lenses
  • 35mm film cameras 
  • Pro-Video Cameras 
  • Some Polaroids 

We are selective about

  • Film SLRs & lenses (brand name lenses only) 
  • Medium format cameras
  • Tripods (pro only) 
  • Flash (brand name only) 
  • Lighting 
  • Non-original lenses (recent models only)
  • Studio lights (late model & complete only)
  • Vintage/antique
  • Compact digital cameras (current/late models only) 

We won’t take

  • Polaroid cameras (except for SX-70)
  • Darkroom equipment & supplies
  • Light stands 
  • Old studio lights 
  • Bags 
  • Basic tripods 
  • Basic point & shoot digital cameras 

Trade-in Value

The trade-in value may vary depending on its condition. The following factors may affect the value of your camera equipment:

General Factors

  • Equipment powers on 
  • Light meter is accurate 
  • Very few signs of wear
  • No excessive wear or signs of heavy use
  • No dents or cracks 
  • No battery leaks 
  • All connection cables present 
  • Shutter speeds sounds right for still photography
  • No fungus or signs of decay on lens
  • No scratches on glass on lens

For Digital SLRs

  • Body exterior condition – Cracks, serial number, hot shoe 
  • Interior – free from excessive dust and battery cover is intact 
  • Record / Playback functionality 
  • Light Meter is workingLCD Display is working 
  • Components -– all necessary accessories accounted 
  • Capture is functional 
  • Playback is functional 

For Digital Point & Shoot Cameras

  • Body exterior condition — free from dust, serial number clear and scratch free
  • Lens – Focussing, zoom, clean and scratch free
  • Capture is functional
  • Playback is functional
  • Components - All necessary accessories are present 
  • Battery Cover - Door opens and closes 

For Lenses

  • Photos are in focus at infinity
  • Interior — free from fungus, mold and dust
  • Front and rear elements – free from scratches
  • Aperture blades – move freely 
  • Auto focus is in working condition — checked for speed and accuracy 
  • Serial number is visible and not damaged
  • Exterior - engraved (SIN # etc.) 

For 35mm SLRs


  • Body exterior – Checked for screws, missing screws, engraved 
  • Shutter speed is accurate and lubricants are not dry 
  • Shutter blades are checked for oil 
  • Auto focus and manual focus are working 
  • Mirror and focus screen are scratch free 
  • Viewfinder information is visible 
  • Light seals and foam are not disintegrating 
  • Pressure plate is checked if loose 
  • Battery door opens and closes and is free from corrosion 
  • Self timer and hot shoe are working 
  • Serial number is visible and not damaged 

For Video Cameras

  • Body exterior – free from rust
  • Serial number is visible 
  • Lens is checked for focussing, zoom
  • Clean and scratch free 
  • Recording is functional: video, audio, test tape (if applicable) 
  • Playback is functional – viewfinder and screen in working condition 
  • Components – all necessary accessories are present 
  • Battery is in good condition 

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I submit my equipment for a quote?


You can submit your equipment details via email to or by calling us between Monday and Friday on (03) 9672 2211, or by bringing your equipment in-store.


Do I need an appointment?


We do not require a scheduled appointment to review your equipment. Our sales consultants are always available in-store so feel free to drop by at any time with your trade-in gear during our opening hours.


Can I get cash for my trade in?


Yes, we offer cash as a payment choice, however, we'll offer you more if you trade-in your equipment on new/used equipment.


What if I change my mind?


All trades are final once you’ve agreed to the final quote price.


Is I.D. required?


We require a passport or driver's licence with every trade-in.


Am I able to sell equipment if I am not the owner or on behalf of someone else? 


Yes with relevant documentation.

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