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Video, Movie & Audio Transfer Conversion Options

Our team will gladly assist you with the choices that you have when transferring your movies. You can have your movies transferred as a file on a Hard Drive or USB instead/as well as a DVD you have a number of file format options to choose from.

File Options

You can choose from 4 different file types which we can transfer your movies into:

  • .MOV 
  • .AVI 
  • .MP4 files that you can play on your iphone/ipad

Video File Options

All high definition and standard definition movie files are returned as .AVI video files. Unlike HDV, h.264, m4V, mp4 or any other type of MPEG based file, the time proven .AVI file has less compression and allows each frame to exist on its own without having to share content from surrounding frames. This makes for cleaner editing and later conversion to disc.

Some NLE platforms have a proprietary codec and may need to transcode these files before they will play properly on your timeline.


Get started right away. Send or bring your media to Level 1, michaels camera video & digital, or call our Service Department on (03) 9672 2222. E-mail: service@michaels.com.au.