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35mm Sleeving Layflat Polythene Tube 50mm

35mm EC101436
35mm Sleeving Layflat Polythene Tube 50mm
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Poly Tubing, Polythene Lay flat Tubing, Polythene Continuous Tubing or Poly Tubing is supplied on rolls of different widths and thicknesses to suit any length or size product. Clear LLDPE tube or Poly lay flat tubing is normally supplied as clear or natural product, but can be manufactured in any colour or your logo printed onto it to suit your packaging requirements. Poly Tubing can be easily cut and heat sealed with an impulse sealer to form plastic bags or sealed using tape or staples. Poly Tubing is often used to pack long irregular items such as posters or fishing rods. The higher the Um, the thicker the film is and the less metres per roll.

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