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3LT 3 Legged Thing Airhed Switch Ballhead

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The AirHed Switch tripod head comes with our new switch locking system. Smooth and Precise action make it easy to operate.  It is equipped with the ‘Switch’ that allows the clamp to be universally adjustable and also be alligned to be used left or right handed.

It is one of the strongest ball-heads in the world with a load capability of up to 40kg,

  1. Ball lock and drag control knob
  2. Base pan control knob
  3. Clamp release Switch



Ballhead Height
89mm / 3.5"

Ballhead Weight
0.282kg / 0.62lbs

26g / 1oz - Peak Design Capture &
Arca Swiss Compatible

Direct Load - 160kg / 350lb*
Drag Load - 37kg / 81lb
Portrait Load - 37kg / 81lb

*Loads capabilities are variable, as there are different ways to apply the load.

  • Direct Load: With the head level and the clamp level, a direct downward load can be applied up to the capacity.

  • Drag: Drag is the load it requires to make the ball move within the head. This is tested by angling the ball and adding pressure until the ball moves. Don’t do this when attached to a tripod - your head is a lot more powerful than any tripod can withstand.

  • Portrait: When the clamp is locked sideways in the portrait position, this is the load that the clamp can hold without rotating or moving.


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