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AGFA Sistan Image Silver Stabilizer 500ml

AGFA EC101388
0000000375| AGFA Sistan Image Silver Stabilizer 500ml
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About the AGFA Sistan Image Silver Stabilizer 500ml

This is an image silver stabilizer for black and white materials. SISTAN protects films and paper from changes in the silver image caused by environmental effects. These faults initially appear as reddish to yellowish-brown highlight discoloration, and the complete negative may be destroyed by the silver being converted to a colloidal form. It's causes are industrial and traffic fumes, and fumes from heating oil, plastic paints, compressed boarding, cardboard with an acid content, glues, sticky tape, freshly cut PVC and brittle rubber, and also ozone and all substances giving off peroxide.

For use 50 ml SISTAN is diluted with 950 ml water to make a total working solution of 1 liter. Makes 10 liters total.

The correctly processed and washed negatives are agitated for one minute in SISTAN solution after the final wash.

Too high a SISTAN concentration can lead to stains which take some time to appear. Care should then be taken that the fronts and backs of negatives are wiped before drying to avoid partial over-concentration caused by dried drops of SISTAN. Transport rollers on mechanical processors should be carefully wiped clean to stop the SISTAN solution crystallizing on them. The solution can be used down to the last drop. Life: The concentrate will keep virtually indefinitely in closed bottles.

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