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Avenger Crosspole Kit

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For rigging of heavy light fixtures and grip, consider this Avenger X400 CrossPole Kit. It was developed by Avenger engineers after they visited a film set where crews faced a lack of a floor or ceiling on which to mount lighting equipment.

An innovative and flexible lighting mount, the CrossPole is perfect for mounting lighting in areas such as doorways, windows, sets with no floors or ceilings and where set and staging don't allow you to use floor space. This kit includes a static wall plate with built-in spirit level to secure the pole evenly to any wall surface, a single operation set-up expander, locking collars, three sets of two telescopic tubes and a multifunctional bag for travel and transport.

Additional telescopic tubes can be added to extend the pole distances from 2.7' up to 19.7' (6 m). A standard, single 6 m CrossPole offers a maximum capacity of 165.3 lbs ( 75 kg).

The X400KIT is supplied with six tubes of special aluminum to cover any distance between two walls from 2.7' (80 cm) up to 13.1' (4 m). The (9.8' (3 m) tubes used to bridge 19.7' (6 m) spans are available as an accessory - code X406.
Wall Plates
The wall plates have a special component that pivots to allow the tubes to bend and guarantees the maximum grip with suitable (brick, cement, heavy plaster with studs) walls. Plates are provided with leveling bubble and assembled with bolts (no rivets).
The first of the two end plates is the expander. It has a pre-loading index which can be pre-set to the distance between the two walls so that the CrossPole's tension can be fine-tuned with minimum adjustment: designed to guarantee the maximum safety and resistance for the CrossPole's working life.
Locking Collar
Dedicated component that prevents the telescopic tube from sliding under load, this item is provided with aluminum handle grips and rubber covers.

Note:Not for interior use with drywall construction.

Extension X401: 2.62 - 4.26' (0.8 - 1.3 m)
X402: 4.26 - 7.21' (1.3 - 2.2 m)
X404: 7.21 - 13.1' (2.2 - 4 m)
Load Capacity 165 lbs (75 kg)
Diameter 3- 50 mm ø, telescopic
3- 45mm ø
Kit Weight 29 lbs (13.2 kg)

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