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Blue Crane DVD Intro to Nikon D300 D700 V1

Blue EC101530
Blue Crane DVD Intro to Nikon D300 D700 V1
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Introduction to the Nikon D300 Digital SLR - The Nikon D300 takes great shots right out of the box, but understanding the controls and features of the camera can really unleash its potential. This video explains how the camera's controls are designed to work together to capture the best image under all conditions. Each subject is contained in a separate chapter, so you can proceed at your own pace, and later come back to an individual topic.

Topics Include:
• Simplifying the camera controls
• Exposure compensation
• Digital Vari-Programs
• ISO - film speed vs. electronic gain
• Autofocus brackets and modes
• Understanding histograms
• Exposure modes
• Custom Settings menu
• Shutter priority setting
• White balance / Color temperature
• Aperture priority / Depth of field
• RAW (NEF) files
• Metering/Bracketing
• Software tools: Picture Project

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