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Bowens NF Octobox 150

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Category: bowens, Lighting-&-Studio-Light-Modifiers-Softboxes

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The Bowens Octo 150 is a unique large soft box which offers several non-traditional soft box features that will be of particular interest to portrait photographers. This 5' diameter (1.5 m) Octagonal softbox features a round front diffuser for round catch-lights, which are cleaner and more pleasing than octagonal or rectangular catch-lights.

When using the Octo 150, mount your strobe head or monolight facing away from your subject, as if you were using an umbrella.

Efficient Use of Your Strobe
The Octo 150 does not have extra levels or layers of diffusion fabric between the light source and the front diffusion fabric, making it a more efficient softbox.
Even Distribution of Light
Interior silvered and white surfaces have been designed to ensure the optimum evenness on the front cloth. And because the front cloth is so even, it can be used close to the subject to produce maximum softness as well as maximum light output.
The Octo 150 can be used with all popular makes of studio flash. It is easy to assemble and includes non-slip adjustments and a long external handle for easy maneuvering.

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