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Bowens Wafer 140X100cm Hex Without Adapter

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Category: -Poles-&-Extensions, -Rods, bowens, Lighting-&-Studio-Light-Modifiers-Wands

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For single portraits or small groups where a natural vignette is required.

An optional translucent fabric diffuser with an oval mask is available to convert the hex lightbank into an oval to create a rounded catch-light..

Why choose a Wafer Light Bank softbox?
Three reasons - light quality, function & design.

The Wafer quickly changes to meet the differences in lighting style and taste required by individual photographers and variations in specific subjects.
Wafer softboxes are created to match &quotyour way&quot, to be as flexible as possible to meet your unique and changing needs and with 13 shapes and sizes in the versatile Wafer range - there is guaranteed to be one to suit.

The Wafer is probably the most innovative softbox on the market, producing a beautiful quality of light and offering a degree of control unmatched by similar products.
Its range of shapes and sizes is almost as big as its range of accessories, making the Wafer suitable for a variety of work in all disciplines.

Wafer light banks produce a crisp, smooth quality of light while their narrow profile and silver/white interiors with two interchangeable graduated inner baffles deliver unparalleled flexibility and control.

The Wafer design is supplied with two internal Mylar baffles or screens, each printed with a special pattern to ensure the light distribution on the front cloth is absolutely even over its entire surface. These baffles also assist in controlling the colour temperature: one is white and gives a slightly warm tone, the other is blue for more neutral tones.

The front cloth of the Wafer is recessed to help control light spill. The resulting internal edge has a hook-and-loop lining, allowing an accessory honeycomb to be fitted to the front for additional directional control.

The Wafer is supplied in a stowage pouch for convenient portability and includes the flash adapter speed ring.
Brand-specific flash adapter rings are available for every leading studio lighting system.

Wafer softboxes are available as rectangles, which are by far the most popular and versatile.  Hexagonal Wafers are especially good for portraiture whilst the Strips, which produce much sharper cut-off, are popular with fashion photographers.


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