Bresser Hunter 4-12 x 40 Riflescope

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Whether you’re a hunter, target shooter or competitive shooter, you know that accuracy is everything and making that perfect shot is not about luck. It’s all about preparation and having the right equipment to give you the edge. In addition to offering high-end precision optics, Bresser riflescopes are sealed with O-rings, nitrogen-purged and filled with nitrogen to eliminate the potential for internal fogging. Bresser riflescopes are also shockproof, waterproof and finished in a hard anodized coating preparing them to perform in even the toughest conditions. 


Compared to open sights, riflescopes offer some key advantages no matter what model you choose. First, the magnification provided by a riflescope leads to increased accuracy simply because it brings you visually closer to the target. Second, a riflescope enhances your ability to see your target in low light conditions, which can be a crucial advantage. A riflescope also is capable of focus adjustments that can help you compensate for less than perfect vision. And, when it comes down to it, a riflescope with its clearly defined crosshairs is simply easier to use than an open sight.


In terms of selecting a riflescope, there are several key things to know. When you’re looking at a scope labeled 3-9x40, for example, the numbers before the “x” refer to that particular scope’s magnification range. If you are using a magnification power of 3, your targeted object will appear as if it is three times closer to you. Lower magnification levels usually work better on targets that are close and fast-moving, while a higher magnification may be more beneficial in a situation where your target is farther away and you can take your time to take your shot. The number after the “x” in a rifle scope’s specs represents the size of the instrument’s objective lens. These lenses ultimately determine how bright and crisp the image you see will be, therefore it is important to remember that larger objective lenses will perform better than smaller ones in low-light conditions. Although, all will enhance your eye’s ability to see in dim settings.


Another option you will face when choosing a riflescope is the reticle design, which indicates a bullet‘s point of impact. A wide range of options are available, including illuminated reticles that use a battery to illuminate the crosshairs to varying degrees depending on light conditions. Other specifications you might like to compare include field of view, which is expressed as the width you should be able to see at a specified distance, exit pupil and eye relief. Even more differences can be found beyond these specifications, but with three main families of riflescopes, Bresser is sure to have an option that will fit your needs.


Bresser Hunter Riflescopes


The Hunter models are the most affordable option in Bresser‘s arsenal of riflescopes. While they do not offer bells and whistles like illuminated reticles, they are a great basic scope that can offer you the precision you need at value pricing. Available in three different combinations of magnification range and objective lens size, Hunter models also include lens covers and rings.


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