Bresser Messier AR-152L With EXOS 2 EQ-5 Mount

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Category: Optics-Telescopes-Refractors

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The telescope consists of a refracting telescope (refractor) and an equatorial mount, including tripod. The OTA has a free aperture of 152mm with a focal length of 1200mm and therefore a focal ratio of F7.9 The refractor has many extras, such as pipe clamps with handle and an integrated camera mount, 50.8mm (2") Diagonal and illuminated 8x50 finder.
In the equatorial (also called parallactic) EXOS-2 mount is an axis aligned to Polaris. When tracking a celestial object there just needs to have a single axis to be moved. This simplifys the tracking mounts over which only the left / right and up have / down axis (azimuthal mount)
With the supplied 8x50 finder it allows the celestial objects to be found easily and in addition has an illuminated reticle so in the dark makes use even easier. The mount also features an illuminated polar finder which simplifies the alignment of the extreme north. With these two features with the mechanical fine drive flexible shaft allows the objects precisely in the eyepiece and adjust tracking. The sturdy tubular steel tripod is height adjustable, ensuring a comfortable viewing position.

The Bresser Messier AR-152 on EXOS-2 offers the ambitious amateur astronomers with good optics stable universal mount.
152mm aperture telescopes are ideal for detailed observation of the moon and the planets of our solar system. In addition, the telescope gathers enough light to continue to look into the night sky. Star clusters, globular star clusters, planetary and partly large nebula are visible with this telescope. Under a dark country sky and the first galaxies are observable.
To see even larger area objects can completely worth it, for example to get a 35mm 70 ° eyepiece. So you get, despite the relatively high focal length of the AR-152 a great overview on the sky.
With a total weight of about 32 kilos which is composed of three parts (tube, mount with counterweights, tripod), the telescope is still good for use outside of the bright city suitable. Only then can the optics give full effort.

Bresser EXOS-2 mount
Equatorial (equatorial) mount with a load capacity of up to 13 kg (depending on the length of the telescope) and illuminated polar finder.
Ball bearings in both axes ensure precise light running.
For easier tracking and navigation by observing an optional GoTo Motor can be used.

- Optical Design: Refractor (achromatic refractor)
- Front lens diameter: 152mm
- Focal length / aperture: 1200 mm / F7.9
- Theoretical resolution in arc seconds: 0.76"
- Recommended maximum magnification: 300x
- Eyepiece Barrel diameter: 50.8mm (2") And 31.7mm (1.25")
- Finderscope: 8x50 optical viewfinder
- Optical Tube Dimensions: 127.5 cm (L) x 16.1cm (W)
- Optical Tube Weight: 11.1 KG
- Stand height: 69cm Min / Max 109.5 cm
- Stand Weight: 6.3 KG
- Support Material: chromed steel
- Mount Weight: 5.3 KG (without counterweight)
- Total weight including counterweight: 31.7 KG


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