Bresser Prepared Slides Animal (30 Pieces)

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Category: Optics-Microscopes-Microscope-Accessories

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30 Prepared slides (Animal)all encased in a wooden box
These permanent preparations are already prepared and preserved specimens. To improve the contrast many of them are already colored.

Paramecium in reproduction
Paramecium in the division
Hydra, eggs
Hydra longitudinal section,
Hydra with bud
Fluke, male
Fluke, female
Roundworm eggs
Fluke, larva Anfangsstatium
Fluke, advanced larva with cock
Fluke in reproduction
Tapeworm segments
Roundworm, male / female
Roundworm, Mitosestatien
Earthworm cross section,
Honey bee, mouth parts
Mosquito mouthparts
Mosquito larva
Housefly mouthparts
Butterfly, mouthparts
Honey bee hind leg
Clam, gills
Frog egg
Frog, liver cross-section,
Blood cells


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