Bresser Refractor Telescope 60/700mm Blue/Grey

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Would you like to go on a night walk and experience something out of this world? Simply take a look at a computer programme and pick out the celestial bodies to find then quickly pack the telescope into its case, go out into the dark night and see what you can discover.
With a lens aperture of 60mm this refractor telescope collects already about 30 percent more light than a telescope with 50mm aperture.
It also allows higher magnifications to investigate in detail lunar craters. A finder scope mounted on the telescope makes it easier to locate the objects in the sky. With the reverse lens the telescope can also be used during the day to discover many exciting things in the environment. Due to the height-adjustable tripod, the telescope can be brought to the right height for large or small observer the supplied diagonal ensures comfortable viewing.

At night the moon and planets can be explored. But also impressive sparkling star clusters for the young and old stargazer.
With the included erecting prism to use during the day, veiwing unreversed, upright image, for the observation of nature.

Special features:
- Ultra light
-Packs away in it's very own carry case
-The complete instrument with tripod weighs only 1.65 kg! Thus, it can also set up young researchers themselves at any time on the balcony or garden.

Technical Specifications and Features
- Type of objectivbe: Achromat
- Objective lens diameter.: 60mm
- Focal Length, Focal Ratio: 700mm, F11.6
- Including Eyepieces: 20, 12.5 and 4 mm
- Accessories: 90° diagonal, 5x24 finderscope
- Telescope Mounting: Aluminium tripod with azimut mount


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