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Canon BS1200TS 12 Digit, Dual Power, Tax & Business Function, Adjustable Display

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The BS-1200TS is ideal for work at the desk or on the move. Its large sloping display makes it easy to read and the well spaced keypad makes it easy to enter data. The BS-1200TS has a stylish brushed metal front cover, easy to hold side rubber grips and non-slip rubber feet to stay firmly on the desk. It is well featured with our GST and Business functions plus the regular functions you expect from a calculator.

Desk display calculator BS-1200TS

Built to withstand the demands of a busy office, the BS-1200TS features a 12-digit capacity readout. Its low-reflection liquid crystal display tilts to give users an optimum view of their calculations, while a non-slip rubber base means it won’t slide around on a desk.
Using three separate keys, the BS-1200TS performs cost/sell/margin calculations. For example, you’re negotiating a price with a supplier and the supplier’s price is €200 but you want a 15% margin on resale, you simply type 200 followed by the Sell button, then 15 followed by the Margin button. The display will show 170 followed by the word ‘Cost.’ This means that your purchase price should be €170 for you to make a 15% profit on resale.

The BS-1200TS also carries out tax calculations using separate tax keys.

The calculator’s large, easy-to-use keys are silent in operation and there are separate 0 and 00 keys for convenience. The machine is finished in a smooth imitation metal body.


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