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Canon F717EMUL Calculator

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Canon F717EMUL-F717SGA Education Teaching Tool Software Emulator DVD Calculator

The F717SGA is manufactured using recycled Canon materials to make the top case, bottom case, battery cover and hard case of the calculator. This maximises resource efficiency and minimises wastage.The F717SGA has advanced technologies in-built to allow it to calculate complex algorithms at extremely high speeds.Hygiene in any environment, especially schools or the office is a vitally important issue. Now Canon’s anti-bacterial scientific calculator helps eliminate potential health care problems, as it has an approved inorganic antimicrobial agent* applied to surfaces on the calculator. This reduces and or inhibits the growth of bacteria that can build up on calculator keys. Thus making the F717SGA the cleanest and safest choice for students and professionals everywhere.

Specifications :
• Calculator Type: Scientific
• Screen: 4-Line Dot Matrix Dual Way Display
• Internal calculation: Up to 18 digits
• Buttons/Keys: 50, including 4 way Navi key
• Scientific notation: Yes
• Engineering notation: Yes
• Memory clear: Yes – able to reset all stored memory
• Recycled Material: Yes – minimum 20% of the F717SGA is made from Canon recycled material
• Solar Powered: Yes (with auto power off after 7 minutes)
• Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division: YES
• Square Root, Cube Root, Multiple Root: YES
• Square, Power Square, cube: YES
• Reciprocal: YES
• Percentage (%): YES
• Rounding: YES
• Pi (Internal value = 3.14159265358979324): YES
• Exponential e value (internal value = 2.71828182845904524): YES
• Decimal Point selection: YES
• Fix decimal (0-9): YES
• Display Mode: Selectable Mathematics textbook input/output display format (MthIO) or Traditional 2-line Input/output format (LineIO)
• Angle (Degree, Radian, Gradient): YES
• DRG Conversions: YES
• Trigonometry, Inverse Trigonometry: YES
• Hyperbolic/Inverse Hyperbolic: YES/YES
• Coordination Conversion (Rectangular <-> Polar): YES
• Statistics (SD mode & REG mode):
• No. of Variable: 2
• Number of Samples input n: YES
• Mean of X & Y: YES
• Standard Deviation of sample X & Y: YES
• Standard Deviation of population / parameter X & Y: YES
• Median (in 1-Var Stat only): -
• Maximum Value of X & Y: YES
• Minimum Value of X & Y: YES
• Sum of Value / Summation on X, Y: YES
• Sum of Square of Value X2, Y2: YES
• Sum of all XY pairs: YES
• Sum of Cube of Value X3: YES
• Sum of X2Y Value: YES
• Sum of Quadrate of X-data X4: YES
• 1-Var - Single Calculation: YES
• 2 Var - Regression Calculation: YES
• Linear Regression: YES
• Quadratic Regression: YES
• Euler Exponential Regression: YES
• General Exponential Regression: YES
• Logarithmic Regression: YES
• Power Regression: YES
• Inverse Regression: YES
• Regression Correlation coefficient A: YES
• Linear Regression Coefficient B: YES
• Quadratic Coefficient C: YES
• Estimated value of X1,X2, Y1,Y2: YES
• Factorials (n!): YES
• Permutations & Combinations (nPr, nCr): YES
• Random number generator (Rand): YES
• Integer Random number generator (I~Rand): YES
• Last Digit correction: YES
• Last Answer recall: YES
• Multiple replay: YES
• Hard Case: Included with convenient reference card/photo slot
• Case Colour: Available in red, blue or black
• Case Material: Upper case, Lower case, Key top & Battery cover) using Anti-Bacteria Material
• Included Standard Equipment: F717SGA main unit, 1 X CR2032 backup battery, quick reference card and instruction manual
• Power Supply: Solar and battery (CR2032 replaceable)
• Low Power Indicator: Yes
• Dimensions (mm): 168 x 80 x 14.5


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