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Canon imagePROGRAF PRO1000 Printer

Canon EC76163
0000316990| Canon imagePROGRAF PRO1000 Printer
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About the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO1000 Printer


The perfect addition to get the best quality in A2 prints.

It is sometimes hard to match the quality of your image with your finished print. Now, a new standard of desktop inkjet printer has been established with the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000. Canon has built on years of experience with their first A2 desktop inkjet printer and is the perfect addition for those who want to get the best quality in A2.


A2 Printing

It is sometimes hard to match the quality of your image with your finished print. Now a new standard of desktop inkjet printer has been established with the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000. Building on years of credentials in both photography and print to develop core technologies delivering professional quality A2 prints.


12 Ink System

New 12-ink pigment based system.


New and Improved Inks

All new LUCIA PRO inks ensure professional quality monochrome prints with increased black density and dynamic colour range.



Utilise a vast range of connectivity options, enabling users to print wirelessly from a range of devices including laptops, PC's tablets, smartphones and cameras.


Management Solutions

Utilise Canon's Print Studio Pro plugin to print quickly from a range of advanced editing software suites. Unleash your creativity with Adobe PhotoShop, Lightroom software or manage multiple printers with Device Management.

Detailed Specifications

Printer Functions

Polaris Zero/Polaris Zero AS
Issued Version
Issued Date
Ink Type
Maximum Print Resolution
2400 (horizontal)*1 x 1200 (vertical) dpi
User installation
Dimensions WxDxH (mm), Weight (Kg) (Unit)
Approx. 723 x 433 x 285 mm, Weight approx. 32kg (including print head and inks)
Dimensions WxDxH (mm), Weight (Kg) (Package)
Approx. 1,006 x 556 x 433 mm, Weight approx. 38kg (including print head, inks, manuals)
Power Supply
Input power: AC 100-240V 50/60HzPower consumption*7: approx 37WStandby power consumption: approx 2.5WPower off: approx 0.4W
Acoustic Noise (PC Print)
Photo (4"x6")*2: approx. 41.0 db(A)Document (A4, B/W)*3 - Quiet Mode OFF: approx 40.8 dB(A)Document (A4, B/W)*3 - Quiet Mode ON: approx 40.4 dB(A)
Paper Handling (Rear Tray) (Maximum Number)
Plain Paper: A5/A4/A3/B5/B4/LTR//LGL/LDR=150,A2/B3=20Photo Paper Pro Platinum (PT-101): 4x6=20?2LTR/A4/A3/A3+/8"x10"/10"x12"/14"x17"=10?A2=1Photo Paper Plus Glossy II (PP-201): 4x6=20?25x7/LTR/A4/A3/A3+/8"x10"=10Photo Paper Pro Luster (LU-101): LTR/A4/A3/A3+=10?A2/17"x22"=1Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss (SG-201): 4x6=20?2LTR/5×7/A4/A3/A3+/8"x10"/10"x12"/14"x17"=10?17"x22"=1Matte Photo Paper (MP-101): LTR/A4/A3/A3+=10Photo Stickers(PS-101): PS-101?PS-201?PSHRS = 1Lightweight Photo Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Heavyweight Fine Art Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Japanese Paper Washi: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Canvas: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Red Label Superior 80 g/m2: A4=130Canon Oce Office Colour Paper 80 g/m2: A4=100
Paper Handling (Manual Feed Slot) (Maximum Number)
Photo Paper Pro Platinum (PT-101): A4/A3/A3+/A2/LTR/8"x10"/10"x12"/14"x17"=1Photo Paper Plus Glossy II (PP-201): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/8"x10"=1Photo Paper Pro Luster (LU-101): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/A2/17"×22"=1Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss (SG-201): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/17"×22"/8"x10"/10"x12"/14"x17"=1Premium Matte(PM-101): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/A2/17"×22"=1Matte Photo Paper (MP-101): A4/A3/A3+/LTR/A2=1Lightweight Photo Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Heavyweight Photo Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Heavyweight Fine Art Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Extra Heavyweight Fine Art Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Japanese Paper Washi: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Canvas: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1Highest Density Fine Art Paper: LTR/A4/A3/A3+/A2/17"x22"/LDR=1
Operating Environment*4
Temperature: 5~35?, Humidity: 10~90%RH (no dew condensation)
Recommended Environment*5
Temperature: 15~30?, Humidity: 10~80%RH (no dew condensation)
Storage Environment
Temperature: 0~40?, Humidity: 5~95%RH (no dew condensation)
Detector and Adjustment
Registration adjustment: Automatic/ManualBanding adjustment: NoLine length adjustment: NoHead slant adjustment: NoColor calibration: Yes (with a color calibration notification functions)Head gap adjustment: Automatic/ManualNon-firing detection: YesNon-firing compensation: Yes
Standard memory: 1GB
Printer Languages: SG Raster(Swift Graphic Raster)Job control: IVECStatus reply: IVEC
Operation Panel
Display: 3.0" (320 x 240 TFT LCD), Key x 13, LED x 2Language on operation panelDisplayable language on LCD: 21 Languages Selectable: Japanese/English/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Dutch/Pollish/Russian/Danish/Norweign/Swedish/Finnish/Czech/Simplified Chinese/Traditianal Chinese/Korea/Thai/Indonesian/French/Turkish
Hi-Speed USBType: Built-inMode: Full Speed (12 Mbit/sec), High Speed (480 Mbit/sec), Bulk transferConnector type: Series B (4 pins)EthernetType: Built-inStandard: IEEE 802.3 10base-T / IEEE 802.3u 100base-TX / Auto-NegotiationProtocol: TCP/IPWireless LAN: IEEE802.11n/IEEE802.11g/IEEE802.11b

Print Head

Print Head
Model: NAType: Bubble-jet on demandHead configuration: 12 colors integrated type (4 colors chips x 3)Nozzle pitch: 600dpi x 2Nozzle per chip: 1,536 nozzles x 12 colorsDroplet size: 4pl per colorHead replacement: Service support

Ink Tank

Ink Tank
Model: JP/AMR/EUR/OCE:PFI-1000 MBK/PBK/C/M/Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/CO, ASIA:PFI-50 MBK/PBK/C/M/Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/COSupply: Tubing systemColors: MBK/PBK/C/M/Y/PC/PM/GY/PGY/R/B/COCapacity: Sales use: 80ml, Starter use: 80mlLevel detection: Detected by dot count and electrode (Empty)Smart chip: Each ink tank is equipped with EEPROM which stores its ink level

Media Handling

Media Feeding
Rear tray/Manual feed slot
Media Size
A5, A4, A3, A3+, A2, B5?B4?B3 4x6", 5x7", 8x10", 10x12", 14x17", 17x22", LTR, LGL, LDR
Media Thickness
Rear tray: Plain paper 64~105g/m2, Canon specialty paper Max.300g/m2?0.1~0.3mm Manual feed slot: Canon specialty paper Max.400g/m2?0.1~0.7mm
Media Width
Rear tray: 89~432mm, Manual feed slot: 203.2~432mm
Minimum Printable Paper Length
Rear tray: 127mm Manual feed slot: 254mm
Maximum Printable Paper Length
Margins (Top, Bottom, Sides)
Recommended area: Top margin: 57mm, Bottom margin: 55mm, Left/Right: 3.4mm (LTR/LGL: Left margin 6.4mm, Right margin 6.3mm)Printable area: Top margin 3mm, Bottom margin 5mm, Left/Right margin 3.4mm (LTR/LGL: Left margin 6.4mm, Right margin 6.3mm)Borderless printing: Top/Bottom/Left/Right 0mm
Borderless Printing*6
Media Width: A4, A3, A3+, A2, 4x6", 5x7", 8x10", 10x12", 14x17", 17x22", LTR

Environment Certifications

Environment Certifications
International Energy Star Program (WW), RoHS directive, EPEAT


Ink Tank
Maintenance Cartridge

Direct Specifications - Apple Air Print

1-up (bordered/borderles*9): LTR, A4, A3, A3+, A2, 4”x6”?5"x7", 8"x10", 10"x12", 14"x17", 17"x22"1-up(bordered only): A5, B5, B4, B3, LGL, LDR, Custom size
Print Quality*8
PIXMA/MAXIFY Printing Solutions (for iOS/Android)
Layout: 1-up (bordered/borderles*9): LTR, A4, A3, A3+, 4”x6”, 5"x7", 8"x10", 10"x12", 14x17"Layout: 1-up(bordered only): A5?B5?B4?LGLPrint Quality: Fixed

Camera Direct Specifications

1-up (bordered*10/ borderless*9): LTR, A4, 4"x6", 5"x7", 8"x10", A3, A3+, 17"x22"1-up(bordered only): NAPhoto Index: LTR, A4, 4"x6", 5"x7", 8"x10"Sticker 2/4/9/16-up: NA4-up (bordered); NAPrint with shooting information: LTR, A4, 4"x6", 5"x7", 8"x10", A3, A3+, 17"x22"20-up print with shooting information: LTR, A435-up contact print: LTR, A4Disc Label: NAFile number & date print: Available*4
Print Quality

Card Direct Specifications

Print Quality*8
Standard/HighLayout: 1-up (bordered/borderles*9): NA, 1-up(bordered only): NA, Disc Label: NA, File number & date print: NA


imagePROGRAF PRO-1000
*1. Ink droplets can be placed with a pitch of 1/2400 inch at minimum.*2. When printing ISO/JIS-SCID N2 pattern on Photo Paper Pro Platinum using default settings.*3. Acoustic Noise is measured based on ISO7779 standard.*4. The performance of the printer may be reduced under certain temperature and humidity conditions.*5. For the temperature and humidity conditions of papers such as photo paper, refer to the paper's packaging or the supplied instructions.*6. Paper types NOT supported for borderless printing are as follows: Photo Stickers*7. When printing ISO/JIS-SCID N2 pattern on A4 size Photo Paper Pro Platinum (PT-101) using default settings. Specifications are subject to change without notice.*8. Resolution may be changed between Direct print and printing from PC.*9. The amount of image extension beyond the paper cannot be adjusted.*10. Plain paper is printed bordered automatically, regardless of the camera settings.*11. Non-support for 2/4/9/16-up in sticker printing as well as date/file number printing in disc label printing. As for '4-up' print layout, either file number or date can be printed at one time.
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