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Canon LS100TS Calculator

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10 digit up-right angled display, desktop calculator with tax and business sales calculation functions. Luxurious metallic design with roomy keyboard for easy operation

  • Dual Powered - Solar and automatic battery back-up for economical use in any light
  • 10 digit LCD screen with punctuation
  • Extra Large Tilt Display - For easy reading of numbers
  • Super Sized Keytops - Extra wide spacious keyboard and large keys for fast accurate keying
  • Square Root & Percentage Function - To suit all your calculations
  • Grand Total Memory - Automatically accumulates totals, saving key strokes
  • Reverse Function - Allows you to reverse the order of operation or total
  • Back-Space Key - To easily delete and change last digit entered
  • Sign Change Key - Allows for easy calculation of negative numbers
  • Stylish Executive Finish - High quality and very stylish
  • Automatic Constant Function - Allows you to multiply or divide by the same number on a constant basis

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