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Cokin A22 Blue 80C Filter

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Category: cokin, Photography-Filters-Colour-Compensating

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The 80 series of filters are blue. They are used to balance daylight film under artificial, tungsten or standard (household) incandescent lighting.

This filter measures 66 x 72mm and fits the Cokin A series holder.

Filter factor 2 (+1 stop)

80 Series Color Conversion Chart

80A increases color temperature from 3200-5500 degrees Kelvin (commonly used with 3200K lamps)

80B increases color temperature from 3400-5500 degrees Kelvin (commonly used with photoflood lamps)

80C increases color temperature from 3800-5500 degrees Kelvin (commonly used with flashbulbs)

80D increases color temperature from 4100-5500 degrees Kelvin (commonly used to remove extreme orange or red)


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