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Cokin A5 Sepia Filter - A-Series

Cokin EC101661
Cokin A5 Sepia Filter - A-Series
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The Cokin A Series Sepia Filter is designed for use with a Cokin A Series Filter Holder. It is uniform in color and can be used to add a brown, monochrome tint over an entire image. That effect can be obtained when this filter is used on a film camera system or on a digital camera system, while the respective film type or white balance setting that corresponds to the primary light source is selected. This filter is made of durable, optical resin (CR39) and measures 1.6mm-thick. When used, the Cokin A Series Sepia Filter's 1.1 density darkens the entire image by 3.6 stops. This reduction in exposure can be compensated for by adjusting the aperture setting of the lens it is placed on, or the shutter speed of the camera being used. A separately-available Cokin Light Sepia filter may instead be used to add a light-brown, monochrome tint over an entire image with reduced density.

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