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Cokin A850 Diffuser 3 Filter

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Category: cokin, Photography-Filters-Soft-Focus-&-Diffusion

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The Cokin Diffuser 3 filter has a strong diffusion effect. This makes the Diffuser 3 ideal for romantic shots.



COKIN Diffuser and Pastel Filters bring a gentle, romantic atmosphere to your photos.

They allow a gentler, nuanced interpretation of your subjects, far removed from aggressive lighting, bright color, and the opposition of contrasts. The effects of Diffuser and Pastel Filters:

Soften, control, diminish, blurs, suggests, and filters photographs.

Particularly adapted to portrait work, the COKIN Champagne Filter gives your models a natural tanned look and softens surroundings with a diffused halo.

Slightly orange in color, the COKIN Champagne Filter is clear in the centre with a diffuser filter around the edge. Recommended also for still life work.


An open aperture softens and diminishes the centre spot, whereas a closed diaphragm makes it larger and sharper. Avoid too great an adjustment of the aperture, otherwise the filter color will encroach upon the clear area of the image.

Series             Cokin A
Size                67x67mm
Effect / Type     Diffuser


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