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Cokin Z025 Blue 82C Filter

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The Cokin Z-Pro 025 82C Color Conversion Resin Filter is a "cooling" filter. Whereas an 82A will raise the temperature from 3000 to 3200K, an 82C will raise the temperature from 2800 to 3200K. This light blue filter absorbs the excessive yellow-red light from daylight in the morning and evening hours and keeps skin tones close to natural. There is much flattering light to be found in the early morning and afternoon hours. With sunlight low on the horizon, the red-orange end of the spectrum becomes enhanced. With daylight balanced film, images shot in this light may prove to be a bit on the warm side. The photographer may desire this effect or choose to "cool" things down. An 82C will virtually eliminate red tones. This filter will also help color balance tungsten film when shot under 500W flood lights. The 82 series of blue filters allows the photographer to keep skin tones somewhat normal by increasing the color temperature to a more daylight balanced level. The Z-PRO Series is recommended for focal lengths of 20mm onwards (in the 35mm format). This filter is made of CR39 Resin which is a reputable lightweight and unbreakable optical material also used for ophthalmic glasses.


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