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Core SWX Hypercore NEO 9 Mini V-Mount Battery

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0000005790| Core SWX Hypercore NEO 9 Mini V-Mount Battery
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About the Core SWX Hypercore NEO 9 Mini V-Mount Battery

Product Features:

  • NEO 16A Peak with 12A draw
  • Firmware upgradable battery packs through USB
  • UN38.3 Certified for air travel safe transportation
  • New backlit multipurpose LCD
  • View battery vitals through RFID reader on the battery
  • Integrated Smart P-Tap
  • Rates for 2000 cycles with a 2-year warranty
  • Rubberised housing to protect against accidental drops
  • Storage mode built-in
  • Hibernation mode when not in use after 48 hours



The Hypercore NEO Mini 9 is the most complete 98wh, 14v Lithium-Ion battery pack on the market. Encompassing all the original features of the award-winning Hypercore line, with additional features exclusive to NEO.

As with our other packs, the NEO pack is microprocessor-driven, making them safer as well as supporting the transmission of runtime and percentage data to your camera’s viewfinder or LCD. That same data can also be viewed on the new multipurpose, intuitive backlit LCD on the front of the battery packs. The LCD is multipurpose as it provides remaining runtime based on a 30W dummy load while not in-use, a remaining down to the minute runtime while connected to the device you’re powering, and it even provides remaining charge time while connected to a charger.      

Further leveraging the microprocessor, the NEO packs have an RFID transmitter on the front of the packs, so you can easily grab all your battery data stored from the pack on your phone via our VoltBridgeID app available in the app store.  

Not only was the NEO line constructed similar to Helix with the new LCD and RFID, but it was also constructed in a modular design like Helix, which reduces cabling and maximises product integrity.  The pack is put together like building blocks within a very small battery housing, reducing the chance of a failure due to a drop or multiple drops. The modular design also makes it very easy to service as the components are plug and play.

Knowing 10A load delivery doesn’t cut it anymore; the NEO packs have an upgraded cell architecture which can sustain up to 16A peak loads, 12A continuous.  In addition, there is SmartTap on the pack allowing you to power any 12vdc device from the p-tap port while also being able to transmit battery data if the device you are using is able to communicate that information.  There is also a 5v USB for charging mobile devices, but also offers additional functionality as a fully function firmware upgrade port, so you will never be left behind as we continue to develop.

Lastly, as with all of our battery packs, they are the most charger compatible on the market. The v-mount offerings will charge on RED, IDX, Sony, etc., and the gold mount offerings will charge on Anton/Bauer chargers.


  • Capacity: 98Wh (14.8v, 6.6Ah)
  • Size: 3.54” x 4.65” x 1.90”
  • Weight: 1.4lbs.
  • Normal Runtime: (25w) 3.6hrs.
  • Max Continuous Load: 16A/12A
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