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Cullmann FLEXX Studio Set

Cullmann EC47532
0000119995| Cullmann FLEXX Studio Set
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About the Cullmann FLEXX Studio Set

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This FLEXX set which is specifically designed for studio use offers the photographer and videographer a perfect choice of a variety of products. Be it the exact positioning of a flash by means of three stable swan necks, the secure fastening of an unusual flower using the specimen/fixation clamp, or mounting the camera with the multi clamp or suction pod – the 11-piece FLEXX Studio Set has the proper tool for each setup.


Three swan necks of different lengths and two solid clamps support the user in the lighting and in the positioning of the object to be photographed. The rigid multi clamp CC50 made of aluminium die-cast as well as the suction pod and the universal clamp CC30 are also particularly suited for outdoor use and support the photographer and videographer in implementing his or her creative ideas. The 11-piece FLEXX Studio Set can be used for a great variety of applications, such as macro and table top photography, creative flash support as well as action photography/videography outdoors. The products can be safely stored in a high-quality transport bag which is specifically designed for the contents of the FLEXX Studio Set. The FLEXX Studio Set as well as all other FLEXX products come with a 10 year warranty after you have registered your product.

The advantages:

  • 11-piece FLEXX Studio Set with practical products especially for use in the studio, but also for outdoor use
  • Sturdy storage bag for safe and comfortable transport
  • Unlimited number of setup variants through compatibility of all FLEXX products
  • Stable specimen and fixation clamp for exact positioning of objects, especially for macro photography
  • Stable swan necks of different lengths and a separable connecting column permit creative and unusual camera positions
    (1x 160 mm and 2x 330 mm)
  • Stable multi clamp CC50 best suited for both studio (e.g. table top) and outdoor use
    (maximum clamping distance 33 mm)
  • An indispensable support for use in the studio is the universal clamp CC30 with two 1/4 inch connection threads
  • Compatible with products of external manufacturers with standard 1/4 inch connection thread


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