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Cullmann Titan 935 Tripod

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The two-part tripod completely made of aluminium impresses with its large tripod legs (34/29mm), the unique tripod operation and the air cushioned centre column. No matter whether medium-format camera with high-speed telephoto lens or a professional video camera with heavy zoom lens: Due to its dead weight the TITAN 935 guarantees jitter-free shots. The attribute Made in Germany and a 20 year warranty make the TITAN 935 the ideal workhorse for professionals and ambitious photographers/videographers.


The operation of the TITAN 935 tripod is unique. The clamping lever arranged at working height enables quick mounting and dismounting of the tripod. The lever also makes sure that each tripod leg can be operated conveniently in upright posture and without having to bend down. Besides the high stability and manufacturing precision, ergonomy is an essential advantage of all TITAN tripods, no matter whether tripod or monopod.

In case of accidental opening of the centre column screw fastening the air cushion makes sure that the centre column will not drop down. With a push button the centre column can be moved down exactly to the point, it also protects the camera equipment against major damage caused by unintended dropping of the centre column.

The leak tightness of the tripod leg is another plus. Due to the dirt protected internal clamping of the tripod legs the TITAN 935 can be placed in water with a depth of up to 50 cm when fully erected. This is especially appreciated by wildlife and landscape photographers, because any outside soiling of the tripod legs does not affect the clamping effect of the tripod legs.

The connecting plate machined from solid aluminium in connection with the 3/8 inch stainless steel connecting screw ensures secure fastening of the tripod head. The socket head cap screw integrated in the connecting plate protects the ball or 2/3-way head against accidental loosening. Slight contact between the screw and the bottom of the mounted tripod head prevents accidental loosening.

The skid-proof rubber feet can by quickly and easily replaced by the solid TITAN TX665 metal spikes. With the bubble level CROSS CX678 the tripod can be precisely positioned in rough terrain. The tripod bag PROTECTOR PodBag 600, which is available as an accessory, is the appropriate protection for the tripod. Its special outside padding protects the tripod equipment.

The advantages of the TITAN 935 at a glance:

  • Big tripod legs made of anodized trapezoidal aluminium profile
    » Secure stand and high torsion resistance
  • Air cushioned centre column made of anodised aluminium tubing
    » Protection against unintended dropping of the centre column
  • Solid tripod star made of aluminium die casting
    » Solid base for jitter-free shots
  • Unique internally arranged tripod leg clamping
    » Reliable clamping effect, even when dirty
  • Comfortable tripod operation in working height
    » No repetitive bending for tripod adjustments
  • Water tight tripod legs
    » Down to 50 cm water depth with the tripod erected
  • Mounting screw 3/8 inch made of stainless steel
    » Rust-proof and sturdy
  • Connecting plate with integrated rotation lock
    » Additional unscrewing protection for the tripod head
  • Robust metal spikes TITAN TX665 available as accessory
    » For tough outdoor use
  • Precision bubble level CROSS CX678 available as accessory
    » Quick alignment in rough terrain
  • Tripod bag PROTECTOR PodBag 600 optionally available
    » Exact fit with perfect protection
  • 20 years warranty
    » Manufacturer's warranty after registration
  • Made in Germany


Max height 162 cm

Min height 74 cm

Packed dimension 81 cm

Tripod Height 118 cm

Max. tripod leg 35 mm

Carrying capacity 21 kg

Weight 4000 g


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