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Datacolor SpyderPrint

Datacolor EC83028
0000360995| Datacolor SpyderPrint
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About the Datacolor SpyderPrint

SpyderPrint brings you easy to use, full-featured solutions for your professional printing needs. The new Strip Reading Spectrocolorimeter was designed to help photographers create and produce professional prints quickly, accurately and without expensive trial-and-error testing. Select any combination of printer, media and ink and SpyderPrint provides the tools to let you push the limits of advanced inkjets to create gallery quality prints in color and black and white.

New EZ targets and intelligent patch reading makes target scanning simpler than ever
Create custom profiles for exceptional prints in color and black & white, in minutes
Print images accurately the first time, saving time and money
Designed specifically for the way photographers work
Designed for:
Designed for Professional Photographers, Fine Art Printers, Production Professionals and anyone who wants accurate print-to-screen matching

Features & Benefits

New Profiling Speed and Accuracy
New strip reading Spectrocolorimeter gives you custom profiles in minutes with EZ targets for color and black and white. New improved SpyderGuide included for convenience in creating profiles easily and accurately.

New Easy to use Profiling Software
Usability is so improved in this step by step process you don't need an extra manual; it's quite intuitive!

Softproof within the Application
Unique SpyderProof function gives you a series of carefully selected images to evaluate detail from a photographer's point of view. Profile Softproof available for each unique printer profile.

Total Control for Gallery Quality Prints
Advanced controls on Color and Black & White Tinting curves in your Image Editor, which allows you to apply adjustments to the profile rather than to each individual image. Extended Grays Target allows you to add precision gray and near gray data to profiles, enhancing quality of Tinted and Black and White prints

Extensive Editing Capabilities
Flexible target options and high patch profiling targets to produce gallery quality prints in color or black and white. Easily select prebuilt or custom sets of advanced profiles settings to produce profiles with specific combinations of highlight and shadow tint, and detail and neutrality settings.

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