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Drobo Transporter 150 Including 1 Year Support & Maintenance (Silver)

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Delivers the Cloud Experience Employees Want

Provides Total Control Over Location of Data

Eliminates Privacy Concerns with Public Cloud Storage

No Recurring Monthly Fees or Hidden Costs

Systems Added in Grid-like Fashion to Sync Offsite and Scale

Minimises WAN Traffic to Improve Network Performance

The Cloud Experience Employees Want

For modern users, traditional file servers and NAS systems become a hindrance to sharing and collaboration. Users must navigate a shared drive hierarchy to find files within unintuitive structures created by somebody else and are required to use slow and unreliable VPNs for remote access. Transporter removes these limitations by enabling employees to work in ways that are identical to those they enjoy from popular cloud services but safely within the work environment. Users are able to personally organise shared files and folders on their computers in a way that makes sense to them, access those files from mobile devices, and sync data from home or on the road.

Data SafetyComplete Data Privacy

While public cloud providers may employ encryption technology, it’s meaningless if they have access to the private encryption keys. Box, Dropbox and many other public cloud storage companies hold the private encryption keys for your data meaning they can access it at any time. Transporter generates and stores your private encryption keys directly on your appliances. This means the data is directly under your control and nobody else, including Connected Data, has any access to your files. Transporter is the first business class file sync and share solution to meet all of the privacy requirements necessary for sensitive medical, financial and legal data.

Total Control of Data Location and Redundancy

Public cloud file sync and share providers store data in unknown locations with uncertain data protection policies. Not only does this increase the risk of unauthorised access or information loss, it potentially violates industry and government regulations. Transporter only stores data on devices authorised by you at locations you select, eliminating privacy concerns and automatically syncing data exactly where required for high speed local access and multi-site redundancy.

Faster than public cloudSignificantly Faster than Public Cloud

Public cloud services route all file requests to and from the cloud, even if the employees sharing those files are in the same building, on the same local network. Not only does this result in poor utilisation of the business Internet connection, it also prevents you from taking advantage of your investment in an on premise high-speed network. Transporter appliances allow you to locate data exactly where it’s needed. Transporters intelligently distinguish between local and remote operations to ensure employees always benefit from the fastest possible performance.

AutomatedAutomated Replication and Synchronisation

Replication technologies from traditional storage companies are often difficult and expensive to deploy. Even for businesses with the required expertise and budget, these replication solutions are typically active-passive and limited to just a few systems. All Transporter appliances include automated, fully active replication and can sync in real-time between an unlimited number of Transporters, no matter where they are located. This allows you to distribute data to the locations and offices as required. Whether you have two offices or hundreds of locations, Transporter can automatically move the data to where it’s needed.

BackupCompatible with Your Backup Infrastructure

A major challenge for businesses using public cloud for file sync and share services is that there is no easy way to back up the data for disaster recovery purposes. These services assume their internal backup capabilities are “good enough” when in reality there have been many documented cases of permanent data loss. We recognise that every business has its own requirements for backup and data protection. In addition to offering automated offsite replication, Transporter appliances are also compatible with your existing backup infrastructure. You finally have a cloud service that allows you to choose how data is protected.

OptionsPowerful Business Features

Transporter is designed for business with features such as:

Administrator accounts and group management

Active Directory integration

Transporter Versions to protect data from accidental modification and deletion

Full read-only or read-write access options for both folders and users

A Cloud Model that Makes Financial Sense

It’s a simple fact that the current public cloud storage market is not sustainable. The vast majority of users don’t pay monthly subscription fees, yet providers like Box and Dropbox are furiously undercutting one another on price even as they’re losing enormous amounts of money. Transporter changes all this by allowing you to own and control your own cloud service, avoiding the risk of trusting a public cloud service that could easily go out of business trapping your data on the Internet.

Number of Organisation Users : Up to 150

Number of Guests : Unlimited

Raw Storage Capacity : 24TB, (6 x 4TB) Drives are included with Transporter 75.

Processor : 8-core Intel® Xeon® Processor

Flash memory : 120GB SSD (2 x 60GB)

DRAM Memory : 32GB

Network Connectivity : Dual load-balancing Gigabit Ethernet ports

Power & Cooling : Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies (500W) and cooling fans

Size : Height - 89mm, Width - 436mm, Depth - 647mm

Management : Secure browser-based portal for management of organisation, groups, users and hardware

File Access : Transporter Mac App / Transporter Windows App / Transporter iOS App / Transporter Android App

Business Features: Organisational Administrator accounts, group management, Active Directory integration for users and groups, versioning and undelete, read-only folders and users, encrypted transfers, automated offsite replication, remote wipe, single instance

Silver Support: 24 x 7 email support, 12 x 5 phone support, standard hardware replacement, software updates. Available in 1, 3 and 5-year options.

What's Included in the Box:

Transporter 150

6 x 4Tb Drives + 2 x 60GB SSD

1 Year Silver Support Plan.


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