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Elinchrom BRX 500 Three Head Kit

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Category: elinchrom, Lighting-&-Studio-Strobe-Lighting-Monolights

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  • 3× BRX 500 (20441)
  • 1× Portalite Softbox Square 66 cm (26129)
  • 1x Portalite Softbox Octa 56cm (26152)
  • 1× EL-Skyport Transmitter PLUS (19368)
  • 1x Translucent Deflector (26305)
  • 1× Tube Bag - Compacts (33199)
  • 2x  Sync Cable (11088)
  • 3x Light Stands
  • 3x Modelling Lamps
  • 3x 5m Power Cables
  • 1x Elinchrom ProTec 3 Head Rolling Case
  • 1 x Elinchrom Reflector 18cm With 30 Deg Grid 

Why the BRX?

The BRX range gives more freedom to photographers in their workflow.

  • Short flash duration
  • Fast recycling time
  • Additional control options
  • Accurate exposures with consistent colour
  • Available in 250 Ws or 500 Ws
  • Compatible with many accessories

Revolving around an updated triggering system, the BRX 500/500 Softbox To Go Kit from Elinchrom is a versatile two-light lit comprising everything needed for basic lighting setups and wireless control. Beyond the two lights and EL-Skyport Plus wireless transmitter, this kit also includes one rectangular softbox, one octagonal softbox, a translucent deflector, a pair of light stands and light stand case, and a durable storage bag for the lights and light modifiers.

The BRX 500 is a portable, multi-voltage 500Ws monolight offering variable power control down to 31Ws along with a fast recycle time of 0.34 sec and flash duration of 1/1158 sec at full power for freezing fast-moving subjects. The light is also characterized by its integrated EL-Skyport receiver, which is compatible with the included EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus for wireless remote triggering and power control from up to 656' away. This transmitter allows you to trigger and set flash power for up to four groups, as well as an all groups setting, and 16 different channels, which are split between eight normal channels and eight hi-speed channels. A locking metal accessory shoe connector allows you to secure the transmitter directly to a camera, a top hot shoe and a 2.5mm sync port are available for directly connecting an additional strobe, and a swiveling design helps to improve reception for more direct transmission.

BRX Facts 

  • Built-in EL-Skyport receiver for triggering.
  • EL-Skyport with 8 Frequency Channels with 4 Groups.
  • EL-Skyport Speed Sync mode for synchronization up to a 1/320 s on enabled SLR cameras.
  • Pre-flash detector system to enable the use of BRX with speedlights.
  • Visual Flash Confirmation option. The modelling lamp comes on to confirm the flash has been triggered.
  • Proportional, maximum, minimum and independent adjustment of the modelling lamp.
  • Variable f-stop steps: 1/1, 5/10, 4/10, 3/10, 2/10 or 1/10 steps are available.
  • Programmable ready beep function.
  • Power Auto-dump.
  • Automatic temperature controlled ventilation.
  • Action flashtube for sharper images.
  • Multi-voltage auto-detection: 90-270 V (excluding modelling lamp).
  • 5V sync socket for maximum protection of digital cameras.
  • High impact resistant body shell.
  • Accessory bayonet allowing the complete range of light modifiers.
  • Rubberised handgrip with built-in fuse storage.

The Elinchrom BRX 500 Three Head Kit Includes:
  • 3× BRX 500 (20441)
  • 1× Portalite Softbox Square 66 cm (26129)
  • 1x Portalite Softbox Octa 56cm (26152)
  • 1× EL-Skyport Transmitter PLUS (19368)
  • 1x Translucent Deflector (26305)
  • 1× Tube Bag - Compacts (33199)
  • 2x  Sync Cable (11088)
  • 3x Light Stands
  • 3x Modelling Lamps
  • 3x 5m Power Cables
  • 1x Elinchrom ProTec 3 Head Rolling Case
  • 1 x Elinchrom Reflector 18cm With 30 Deg Grid 

EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus

The EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus from Elinchrom is the latest evolution of EL-Skyport wireless radio triggers. Sixteen channels are available: 8 in Normal and 8 in Speed mode, with 4 discrete groups for different or sequentially triggered lighting setups at distances up to 656'. Channels 1, 3, and 7 are compatible with all enabled EL-Skyport units while channels 1, 3, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 20 are only compatible with the ELC Pro HD flash head and the ELB 400 battery pack system. A 2.5mm sync socket extends the transmitter's versatility to cameras without hot shoes or for hard-wired flash units. The EL-Skyport Transmitter Plus runs on easily sourced AA batteries.

  • Details 
    • Trigger reliably and adjust flash power up to 656' away
    • 4 groups and all selection
    • 16 different channels available (8 in Normal mode and 8 in Speed mode)
    • Quick increase or decrease of the flash power per group
    • Metal hot-shoe connector with screw lock
    • 2.5mm sync socket
    • Normal and Speed sync mode (for leaf shutter cameras)
    • All functions can be easily adjusted
    • More reliable and consistent triggering
    • Enhanced swivel function helps to improve reception
    • Continued choices when setting up your strobes
    • Increased number of channels giving more options when working with or in multiple setups
    • Control light power at the camera
    • No more fussing with button batteries, uses AA batteries available everywhere
    • Better locking functionality while connected to yourcamera
    • Increases the flexibility of use with a 2.5mm sync socket
Elinchrom ProTec 3 Head Rolling Case. The lightweight solution for heavy weights.

Superb semi ridgid case for 3 compact heads plus accessories. Featuring modular compartments of variable sizes, and a total of 8 interchangeable dividers, this trolley case will adapt to all your needs.

Made from superior quality fabric and carefully selected materials including YKK zippers, this is the perfect companion when traveling with your studio kit. Incorporates user replaceable wheels to keep you rolling when they wear down, and a waterproof protective rain cover to help keep your kit dry on location or whilst travelling.

Three practical handles on the top, base and side plus the robust aluminium wheelie handle make this case comfortable to lift and transport. If required, two light stands or bigger umbrellas can be attached on the side of the case using a belt system.

This case will accept up to 3x ELC Pro HD flash units and a some accessories. A perfect fit also for Ranger RX Packs, Heads and accessories.

Gear Profile - Fits up to 6x D-Lite RX One heads, or 4x D-Lite RX 2/4 heads, or 4x BRX 250/500 heads, or 3x ELC Pro HD 500/1000 Heads, or 2x ELC Pro HD 500/1000 heads and 1x Godox LP800X Power Inverter.

Each setup has room for a reflector for each head, as well as mains cables, sync cables and radio triggers. If you're only using one half of the case, small stands such as the Manfrotto Nano Stand and small tripods including the Manfrotto Befree and the Sirui Travel Series can be stored inside the case. Two light stands and two umbrellas can be attached to the exterior of the case.

External Dimensions: 68.5 x 44.5 x 27cm

Internal Dimensions: 60.5 x 40 x 19.5cm

Weight: 6.8kg


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