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Elinchrom Elinca - Profoto Adapter

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Category: elinchrom, Lighting-&-Studio-Light-Modifiers-Speed-Rings

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  • Can be used with Elinchrom reflectors
  • Can be used with Elinchrom Rotalux Softboxes
  • Can be used with Elinchrom Indirect Lightbanks

The Elinchrom-Profoto® Reflector Adapter enables you to use Elinchrom Reflectors, Rotalux Softboxes and the Elinchrom Indirect Lightbanks, like the Elinchrom Octa 190 cm.

Using Elinchrom Reflectors, Softboxes and Indirect Light Banks with other flash brands may change light charcterisics and may reduce the performance, light outputs and lighting angles.

Note: Pilotlights and flashtubes of other flash brands may create excessive heat, what can force damages to the EL-Lighting Accessories and the third party flash unit. Misusing or damages of either the third party unit or our accessories are not covered by the Elinchrom Warranty.


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