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Elinchrom Grid 18cm 30 Degree

Elinchrom EC76774
0000037995| Elinchrom Grid 18cm 30 Degree
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About the Elinchrom Grid 18cm 30 Degree


This honeycomb grid provides a beam spread of 30° when mounted to an Elinchrom 7&quot maxispot reflector.

Grids are essential accessories for any lighting system. These devices alter the shape and intensity of the light output from your flash heads. Consider them as a painter would a brush, or a sculptor would a knife, or chisel.

Use of a grid will result in a small circle of light, when it is attached to the front of your light source. The size of the circle of light will be determined by the density of the honeycomb, its thickness, and the distance of the subject.


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